We all want our vacations to be memorable, but not for having made embarrassing travel mistakes. Sure, it’s great to want to travel to a place like Mexico and simply discover it all as you journey through it. However, there’s a difference between being free and open to new experiences and humiliating yourself or doing something highly offensive.

Embarrassing travel mistakes are never your goal. Therefore, use the following to allow you to keep the spontaneity in your journey while keeping unwanted surprises to a minimum.

Avoid These Common Embarrassing Travel Mistakes in Mexico

Don’t Use the “M” Bathroom if You’re a Man

Confused yet? Many English speaking tourists are! This makes using the wrong bathroom one of the most frequent embarrassing travel mistakes in Mexico. The thing is that the bathrooms with an M on the door are for women because the Spanish word for women is mujeres. So if you’re a guy, choose the “H” for hombres. If that’s not there, you’ll see a “C” for caballeros, which is an occasional alternative.

Don’t Clog Every Bathroom You Use!

I swear this whole list of embarrassing travel mistakes won’t be about bathrooms. That said, restrooms do make it easy for us to humiliate ourselves when we don’t know what we’re doing. If you’re not staying at a luxury Mexican villa rental or a large resort, then you should never flush your toilet paper. The pipes in Mexico are small, so it’s polite to dispose of your toilet paper in a waste basket you’ll find next to the toilet, or you’ll risk clogging the works.

Don’t Be a Safety Psycho

It’s important to take care to be safe. That said, due to some negative headlines about safety issues in Mexico, some travelers have started being a little over the top about safety issues. Certainly, there are some specific isolated parts of the country that it really isn’t wise to visit. Those are more than likely not on your itinerary anyway. Overall, Mexico is an extremely safe place for travelers to visit. If you go over the top to protect yourself and your belongings while you’re there, you’re going to stress yourself for no reason, make things tense for the people traveling with you, and make it difficult for the friendly, welcoming Mexicans you’ll meet to show you the true beauty of their country and culture.

Bring the Right Payment Methods

Check ahead of time to make sure that the payment cards you intend to use are compatible with the way you want to use them in Mexico. You may discover that you have a hard time shopping online with a non-Mexican credit card, for example (which can make it challenging to purchase airline tickets while there, for example). Moreover, if you pay with U.S. dollars instead of pesos while using cash, you’ll quickly burn through far more money than you would if you exchanged your money at a bank or foreign exchange desk instead of through a merchant.