Mar, 27, 2020 ,Friday

Make Your Personality Traits Work FOR Your Weight Loss

Your weight loss, what works for you, and what doesn’t, is greatly dependent on who you are. Your characteristics and individual personality traits help to decide how you can realistically live your life. The lifestyle changes, from diet to exercise and from stress management to sleep, all have to do with what you’re like.

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Feb, 28, 2020 ,Friday
weight loss dieting on a budget

Is Weight Loss Causing Your Wallet to Lose Weight? Dieting on a Budget

Eating healthy foods is a key component of any successful weight loss diet, but have you ever noticed that the healthier the contents of your shopping cart, the higher the total on the cash register can be? That doesn’t need to be the case. Dieting on a budget is possible.

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Feb, 04, 2020 ,Tuesday
Set Fitness Goals not Resolutions

Why I’ve Set Fitness Goals but Not Resolutions This Year

This year, it didn’t take me long to scrap the idea of a resolution in favor of just setting fitness goals that make sense to me for the long term.  We’re already a month into the new year and, according to statistics, the vast majority of people who had made resolutions have already failed.

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Jan, 17, 2020 ,Friday
weighing yourself frequency

Enhance Weight Loss Results with the Ideal Frequency for Weighing Yourself

You’ve likely heard that it is not a good idea to continue weighing yourself every day when you want to lose weight. That said, did you know that the number of times that you step on the scale every month can actually have a direct impact on the number of pounds you will lose during that time?

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Jan, 13, 2020 ,Monday
How to Do a Dry January

How to Do Dry January Right for Health and Weight Loss

Have you been doing a dry January, planning a dry February, or thinking of skipping alcohol for all of 2020?  The trend of scrapping alcohol for the first month of the new year has become a traditional one for many people as they recover from a holiday season of overindulgence.

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