Dec, 10, 2018 ,Monday
holiday desserts fruit pavlova

Delicious Holiday Desserts Your Diet Can Afford to Include

I love, love, love holiday desserts. Did I mention that I love them? Well, I do! I love them so much that I typically end up destroying about a month’s worth of dieting progress every year all because I can’t control my sweet tooth. I usually know that whatever weight I lose in November will come right back throughout December.

This year, I promised myself to come up with a bit of a strategy to keep the damage to a minimum. I hunted down some great holiday dessert recipes that I can make to keep my calorie intake under control. Sure, I can’t control what everyone else will be making, but I can do my part at the very least.

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Nov, 27, 2018 ,Tuesday
Surprising weight loss inspiration

Finding Weight Loss Inspiration in the Most Interesting Places

It wasn’t until I started blogging that I really realized the difference that inspiration and motivation makes to weight loss. It doesn’t do it on its own, of course. If I sit at home eating cupcakes and feeling inspired, it’s not like the fat just melts off my body. It takes more than that.

Still, all those other steps that I take find their beginnings with inspiration and motivation. As a result, I’ve started to keep my eyes open to make sure that I see inspiring things when they’re there. Once I see them, I let them motivate me.

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Oct, 30, 2018 ,Tuesday
Top Recommended Weight Loss Products

The Top 7 Recommended Weight Loss Products

The top recommended weight loss products list is continuously updated to bring you the most up-to-date list possible! I’ve assembled some of the best tools to help you to get more out of your strategy. The better equipped you are, the more you’ll be able to reach your goal.

Whether you’re trying to shed the pounds for your health, your appearance, both or neither, these products can all help you along the way. Keep in mind that none of these products will do the work for you, but they’ll sure make it easier for you to get there with your diet and exercise. Consider this list of the 7 top options for the season and the difference they will make for you. You may have tried some before, but others may come as a pleasant surprise.

My 7 Top Recommended Weight Loss Products:

#1 – Adipex

Adipex is one of the top recommended weight loss products and most commonly prescribed obesity drugs in the United States. It is known as an appetite suppressant, an energy booster and may even be the best fat burner. It won’t lose the weight for you, but it can help to make it easier for you to follow a healthy diet.
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Oct, 15, 2018 ,Monday
Workout at Work with Coworkers

How to Get Your Coworkers to Workout at Work with You

One of the things that makes it hardest for me to be able to get all my steps on my pedometer each day is a desk job. When you need to be sitting down at a computer to do your job, it’s hard to make sure you’re up and moving around on a regular basis. That works against everything we know about weight loss, fitness and physical health as a whole!

Recently, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I’m fortunate enough to work with – and for – some great people. That being the case, I didn’t have any problem with asking if it was possible for my coworkers and I to take quick breaks every hour to get up, move around, and avoid becoming one with our desk chairs.

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Oct, 02, 2018 ,Tuesday
Changing Habits for Weight Loss

Losing Weight Means Changing Habits

We might not like to hear it, but if we really want to lose weight and keep it off, we need to think about changing habits central to our lives. This doesn’t just mean changes for a weekend during a fad diet. It means we need to stop doing some of the things that are making us gain the weight and start doing something better.

It’s not just me who thinks this way. There was a study from McGill University that showed that when people made behavioral changes, they lost 10 percent of their body mass. Changing habits is not about counting carbs, cutting sugar or anything extreme. Instead, it’s about repairing the things we’re doing to ourselves that cause weight problems.

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