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will cryotherapy really freeze your butt off

Cryotherapy for Weight Loss: Will it Really Freeze Your Butt Off?

Cryotherapy for weight loss and other things is one of the hottest new wellness trends. There are lots of different claims floating around regarding its use. Some say it gives them more energy. Some say it boosts their immune system. Others say it helps with weight loss.

Is there any truth to these claims? Can you actually freeze your butt off? Is it really possible to stand in a freezing cold chamber for a short while and come out burning more fat than you did before?

As unpleasant as being that cold may sound, many people would certainly find it worthwhile to spend a few short minutes feeling unpleasant if it meant their weight loss would speed up. That said, it’s only worth it if it works. Can cryotherapy for weight loss really lead to measurable results?

According to fans of cryotherapy for weight loss, three minutes in a -306ºF chamber for three minutes can boost the metabolism. They say it will lead to an additional 500 to 800 calories burned away. Not bad for three minutes of discomfort!

The concept behind using cryotherapy for weight loss is that freezing cold air is blasted at the body from all sides. Being in the chamber fools the body into thinking it is under threat of freezing. This forces the body into survival mode. As a result, the brain signals to the body to send blood to the core area to protect the vital organs.

Moreover, the body starts to rev up its thermogenesis – that is, heat production. This requires a substantial amount of fuel to produce. Within the body, that fuel comes in the form of food you’ve consumed or fat that has already been stored.

Some research does show that if you are kept somewhat cold over a stretch of time, it may be helpful to weight loss. If you body is continually forced to work harder to maintain a healthy body temperature, it burns through more fuel. However, this research was not conducted on cryotherapy chambers. It was conducted on lower room temperatures.

One of the biggest studies of this nature examined the impact of spending two hours per day in a 63ºF room for six weeks. Another one examined the impact on weight when people slept in a 66.2ºF room all night for several weeks. Both of those studies showed measurable increases in weight loss.

However, reputable research has yet to examine the long-term weight loss benefits of spending a few minutes in an extremely cold chamber. That said, a study published in the Oxidative Medicine and cellular Longevity journal did show that six months of cryotherapy for weight loss didn’t lead to any change in body fat or overall body mass. This was true even when it was combined with regular aerobic exercise.

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Top Recommended Weight Loss Products

The Top 7 Recommended Weight Loss Products Spring 2018

The top recommended weight loss products for spring 2018 are here! We’ve assembled some of the best tools to help you to get more out of your strategy. The better equipped you are, the more you’ll be able to reach your goal.

Whether you’re trying to shed the pounds for your health, your appearance, both or neither, these products can all help you along the way. Consider this list of the 7 top options for the season and the difference they will make for you. You may have tried some before, but others may come as a pleasant surprise.

My 7 Top Recommended Weight Loss Products for Spring 2018:

#1 – Adipex

Adipex is one of the top recommended weight loss products and most commonly prescribed obesity drugs in the United States. It is known as an appetite suppressant, an energy booster and may even be the best fat burner. It won’t lose the weight for you, but it can help to make it easier for you to follow a healthy diet.

Still, even if this is among the top recommended weight loss products, it is still associated with certain drawbacks. Never forget that Adipex is a prescription drug for a reason. It’s because it needs to be a controlled substance. If it is misused, it can be quite dangerous. It is linked with many potential side effects as well as withdrawal symptoms from its addiction risk.

It is for this reason that many people look for Adipex alternatives to help them, instead. That way, they can still get the help they need without placing themselves at risk. These can involve over the counter pills or other types of product to help them overcome their challenges.

#2 – FENFAST 375

Speaking of Adipex alternatives, FENFAST 375 is a very popular option on my list of top recommended weight loss products available. This over the counter weight management supplement is designed to help dieters without a prescription. It is known for the helpful diet support it consistently provides.

Dieters often choose this instead of a prescription because it helps them to overcome some of their top struggles. At times when it feels like a goal is getting farther away instead of closer, this makes a considerable difference. It also helps to understand why FENFAST 375 is among the top recommended weight loss products.

Even better, it doesn’t promise to perform some type of magic on your body fat. Instead, it gives you the power you need to be able to do it yourself. In this way, you learn the right strategy for healthy body weight. After that, you can establish the habits to make that strategy a reality. Over time, you’ll be able to maintain it with or without the most recommended weight loss products to help you out.

Those are the habits that stop you from falling into a yo-yo dieting pattern. Instead, you naturally keep your weight under control.

#3 – 3G BURN

At the same time that many people want a truly helpful Adipex alternative, natural ingredients remain a priority. 3G BURN truly comes out to shine in that category. The reason is that the entire formula of active ingredients is composed of all-natural substances.

Even with an all-natural formula, 3G BURN manages to offer a very powerful combination. Nothing is sacrificed by choosing only natural ingredients instead of synthetics. Most anyone who has tried this unique tri-burn complex can feel the energy it provides. This makes it a natural fit among the leading recommended weight loss products.

This over the counter pill is the perfect fit for a healthy diet and exercise strategy. It supports those efforts while helping to overcome their challenges.

Fitness Trackers Recommended Weight Loss Products

#4 – Fitness Trackers

It’s getting hard to find a person who isn’t currently using a fitness tracker or who has at least used one for a while. These handy little gadgets are giving us the tools we need to get motivated and get moving. They can be worn on wrists, shoes, belts, or many other possible locations.

From there, they provide feedback such as the number of steps we’ve taken in a day. Many also accurately read a wearer’s heart rate. That said, it’s important to take certain other readings, such as calorie counting, as more of a general estimate than an accurate measurement.

The Mayo Clinic has pointed to fitness trackers as handy recommended weight loss products for motivation. After all, if you’ve told yourself that you need to reach 10,000 steps per day and you’ve only reached 8,000, you’ll be encouraged to get up and meet that goal.

These devices are particularly helpful when paired with good quality apps. In that way, they can help to turn your smartphone or tablet into great recommended weight loss products, too! With these devices paired together, you can look at charts and graphs of your tracker’s readings. This can give you a better idea of your trends instead of your individual daily results.

#5 – MyFitnessPal App

If you bring your smartphone with you everywhere you go (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), the MyFitnessPal app may suit your weight loss strategy very well. It lets you record everything you eat so you can keep track of your nutrition and calories every day. This can help to keep you accountable for what you eat.

When you need to watch what you’re eating and pay attention to your calories, having to track your food can be highly motivational. After all, you can’t just overeat and forget about it. You’ll need to face it when you enter it into your app. This accountability is what makes this app one of the top recommended weight loss products.

The more you use it, the more you will become aware of what you eat. Furthermore, you will also become more familiar with how each food will impact your daily totals.

#6 – Online Tracker

If you’re looking for a nutrition and fitness tracker with broader capabilities and that you can use on your computer, you may do better with an option such as ShareFit. This option is web-based and gives you the same fitness and nutrition tracking. That said, it also stacks on a range of additional resources.

ShareFit is among the best recommended weight loss products because it goes above and beyond tracking. It also provides a full spectrum of resources. These include helpful informational articles, workout videos, a support forum to talk with other dieters, and groups with interests in common.

This type of complete resource makes it easier to gain both information and support customized to your needs.

#7 – Bathroom Scale

That’s right, that good old reliable bathroom scale is actually a fantastic tool to help you reach your goal. The key to using bathroom scales properly is to understand what they can and can’t do for you.

The main benefit of the bathroom scale among recommended weight loss products is as a motivator. Dieters should know that bathroom scales can’t tell the difference between the weight of fat, water or muscle. If you build muscle or retain water, it will read the same as if you’ve gained weight. Therefore, the bathroom scale can’t be the only way you gauge your progress.

At the same time, it is still one of the top recommended weight loss products because it can help to motivate you. When you have to face that bathroom scale once per week, you’re more likely to stick to your strategy. These gadgets help to make sure you remain accountable for your actions.

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weight loss when you have low blood sugar

Weight Loss When You Have Low Blood Sugar

For reasons I’m not going to get into in this blog (maybe I’ll get into it another day, but I don’t want this post to be miles long), I have been going through a struggle with hypoglycemia. That essentially refers to having blood sugar levels that are lower than normal. It’s something like the opposite of diabetes.

That said, while you might think that having low blood sugar will help you to lose weight far more than would be the case if you had diabetes, that’s not the case at all. Hypoglycemia comes with a whole line of symptoms that can make weight loss a serious challenge.

For example, it’s easy to become light headed or feel weak when your blood sugar drops below where it should be. It can also lead to sugar cravings that aren’t comparable to any other sensation. At least, not any other sensation in reality. I sometimes think that if vampires craved sugar, this is what they’d be feeling.

Because of the weakness, lightheadedness and sugar cravings, it can make weight loss a challenge. After all, when you’re not high on energy, it’s tough to exercise. When all you can think about is having something sweet to eat, it can be nearly impossible to try to control what you eat and how many calories you take in during the day.

Honestly, if one more person recommended that I try to follow a low carb diet, I think I might have screamed. Not only were carbs the only thing I could think about, but my hunger levels were going from fine to absolutely starving in the blink of an eye. I couldn’t believe it. I would be absolutely comfortable and fine, and then I’d be so hungry I’d have to eat something (usually apple sauce or a piece of fruit) just to get me through the wait while my dinner was cooking. Apparently this is a common low blood sugar symptom, too.

As a result of all this, there is a different kind of diet that needs to be followed for low blood sugar when compared to people in a healthy blood sugar range. My doctor recommend that I eat lots of tiny meals throughout the day while paying attention to the combinations of foods that I’m eating. To avoid shakiness, weakness, feeling hungry, feeling faint and other symptoms, I pretty much needed to plan my day of food and graze on it all the live-long day.

In this way, I have been able to keep my blood sugar more steady, keep my symptoms under control and therefore lose weight slightly more easily. The balance of foods was the biggest challenge because every meal starts with a small portion of something high in carbs to bring my blood sugar levels up, then follow it with protein so my body would have energy to carry it over time.

Things are balancing off again so I won’t have to follow this type of diet as strictly for much longer, but I thought I’d share this bit of experience for anyone else out there going through low blood sugar and who is struggling with weight loss.

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how to help others lose weight

How to Help Others Lose Weight and Get Healthy

It’s never easy watching someone you care about struggle with weight loss.  It’s downright discouraging not knowing how to help others lose weight when all you want is to support them in their efforts and see them succeed. Likewise, it’s not easy being the dieter, knowing that those who care about you want to help you but, at the same time, don’t understand what you’re going through.

It can feel like a helpless situation on both sides. Thankfully, as helpless as it might seem at times, it’s never hopeless. You can effectively support someone you care about in their efforts to shed excess pounds and live a healthier life. It’s all about the approach. More specifically, an open mind, positive encouragement, understanding and communication are all key steps in order for support to be well delivered and well received.

6 Steps to Help Others Lose Weight and Live Healthier

How to help others lose weight: Step 1 – Care about the Person

Helping a person with their weight loss goals starts with you caring about this person as an individual before anything else. It’s also about making sure that they know this, too. They need to know that they can count on you caring about them, regardless of their size. When they know that your love and concern runs deeper than their weight, they’ll welcome your support more readily.

Ask yourself why you want to help them

Have you taken a moment to truthfully ask yourself why you want someone to lose weight? You can’t realistically know how to help others lose weight if you don’t even know your motivation for wanting to do so. Be honest with yourself. Is it because…

– You want to play the hero and save them from their poor health choices.

– You find their excess weight to be off-putting.

– You find it embarrassing to be seen with them in public.

– You don’t care about their weight, what matters most to you is that they are happy, healthy and good to themselves.

Your number one reason for wanting to help needs to be because you care about the person’s happiness and wellbeing first and foremost. If this isn’t the case, you’re not going to provide the person with the healthy and positive support they need. Remember, it’s not about what you want or what you need, it’s about them.

help others lose weight by staying positive

How to help others lose weight: Step 2 – Be a Cheerleader

Support doesn’t mean that you need to be someone’s coach. It’s not about finding faults with what the dieter may or may not be doing. Your objective is to cheer them on when it comes to everything that they’re doing right!

This means celebrating when they reach a goal or for simply making the effort to try, even if they haven’t got there yet. Avoid focusing on the goals they haven’t yet met. This is especially important if they haven’t mentioned them. Concentrate on what matters to them and what is happening in the present.

Never forget you are a friend first

Remember, you’re not a doctor, coach, critic or personal trainer. For you, how to help others lose weight isn’t about diagnosing, criticizing, advising or instructing; it’s about being a friend. Leave your criticisms at the door.

How to help others lose weight: Step 3 – Be an Active Participant

Increase your understanding and your support of their weight loss challenge by volunteering to experience some of it with them. Try eating some of their diet foods and engage in some of their exercises with them. This doesn’t mean you have to adopt their weight loss regimen as your own, but there’s no harm in trying some of the dishes they prepare or joining the gym or a fitness class with them.

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words

It’s all well and good to offer words of encouragement, but, sometimes, you need to be more than a cheerleader. Sometimes, a part of how to help others lose weight is also about taking an active interest in the person’s actual lifestyle choices in relation to their diet and exercise. Consider the following:

Diet Related

– Ask questions about the foods they eat

– Find out which foods they like the best and which ones they like the least

– Encourage them to prepare dishes you’d like to try or make the dish with them

– Give them your honest opinion about the food they make for you

 Exercise Related

– Find out what exercise they like the most/least

– Engage in at least one exercise activity with the

– Find creative new ways with them to make healthy meals and/or engage in fun fitness activities.

be supportive of their weight loss efforts

How to help others lose weight: Step 4 – Be an Active Listener

You know when someone’s truly paying attention to what you’re saying and when they’re not. The person you want to help with their weight loss knows, too. Only ask questions to which you genuinely want to know the answers and, if you’re going to let someone talk, listen to them and really listen to them. Don’t be quick to offer advice or an opinion. Let them ask for your thoughts before you offer them freely. Remember, you are a friend and cheerleader, not a doctor, coach or personal trainer.

Listen without judgment

Just as you’re likely to make a few mistakes as you figure out how to help others lose weight, there will be times when the dieter will reveal that they have made a misstep in their progress. Don’t judge them for their mistakes, listen and, if need be, relate. No one’s perfect. We all have bad days and make choices we’re not proud of. When things go wrong, let the person know that they can talk to you and vent out their frustrations, etc. Knowing that they can talk to you without fear of judgment will help them to avoid turning to food for comfort.


How to help others lose weight: Step 5 – Respect Their Diet

Losing weight via healthy methods designed for long term weight loss and maintenance is difficult for most people. It’s not just about watching what you eat for a short period of time, it’s a lifestyle overhaul. With that in mind, regardless of the diet someone chooses to follow to reduce their size, respect their choice. Respect it even if it’s not a diet you would follow or even if you think there’s a better one that they can try. It’s not up to you to decide what they eat, or which weight loss supplements they take. It’s up to them.

Help them avoid temptation

One of the most important aspects of learning how to help others lose weight is to make sure you don’t tempt them to eat foods that they’re trying to avoid. This includes tempting them with only a “bite”. They may falter on their own, but you certainly shouldn’t help them along by encouraging them to eat what you know they want to avoid or limit in their diet. Your goal is to motivate your loved one to stay on their diet, not sabotage it.


How to help others lose weight: Step 6 – Be Positive

Let the person you want to support know that you’re with them all the way and that you believe in their ability to reach their goal! Think about it: when someone believes in your ability to win, you feel good and you are more motivated to move forward. When the dieter is struggling and feels bad about themselves, remind them of everything they have achieved and encourage them to keep going. Don’t let them give up.

Support their mental health

In addition to encouraging and supporting healthy eating and exercise, boosting a person’s self-esteems is also how to help others lose weight. Your friend or loved one might not like how they look or they might be disappointed with their fat loss goals, but don’t let them get down on themselves. Find ways to compliment them, especially the parts about themselves that they happen to really like. A positive attitude is essential for staying driven and staying on track.

Body weight is a sensitive subject. If your loved one is overweight or obese, they are perfectly aware of their size and of what goals they are and are not achieving. Criticizing is only likely to backfire and risks further damaging their self-image and self-esteem. Encourage them to love themselves and their body. This is more likely to lead to healthier choices.

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what the whole30 diet taught me even though i dont use it

What The Whole30 Diet Taught Me Even Though I Don’t Use it

The Whole30 Diet has been super popular among my friends and a lot of the people on my social media accounts. They just love it and talk about it all the time. I’ve had a look at it – a close look – and it’s not for me. After all, no single diet is perfect for everyone. I just happen to be one of those people who won’t be using this strategy for my own weight management and overall health.

Still, just because I’m not planning to stick to this strategy, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t learn some valuable tips while I was reading into it. It’s a well thought out concept. It is basically meant to be a 30 day regime that forces you to avoid all processed foods, added sugars, grains, alcohol, dairy and legumes. Instead, you eat a tone of veggies, some fruits and a moderate amount of seafood, meat, eggs and poultry.

For me, that’s pretty extreme. I’m already trying not to eat much processed food and I’m working hard to cut out as many added sugars as I can. But I think whole grains are fantastic for my health and a bit of dairy is doing me more good than harm. I just wouldn’t be able to keep up with everything The Whole30 Diet would want me to do. Still, the following are some great things to take away from the Whole30 diet regardless of whether or not the whole thing is right for you:

Protein is important. Get enough of it. – While I do get enough protein in total in my day, I usually get the vast majority of it from one meal, with little bits peppered throughout the rest of the day. Since I read about Whole30, I’ve been shifting that balance so that I receive more protein steadily throughout the day instead of all at once. That way, it helps to improve the way my body functions, the repair of my muscles and even offers a longer feeling of fullness from my meals because it takes longer to digest.

Pay attention to portion sizes – I have been trying to get my portions right for some time now, but The Whole30 Diet places a very big focus on this that helped the concept to make more sense to me. The diet does not require any kind of calorie counting or restrictions. Instead, it points to the portions of foods such as meat. I’m someone who believes in calorie counting as a tool, not as a be-all-and-end-all to a diet. That said, the more I understand the appropriate portion sizes for foods, the less I have to fall back on counting the specific calories the foods contain.

Alcohol needs a smaller place in my life – I’ve never been a heavy drinker. Still, I like to have a few glasses of something in social situations. Despite the fact that I have been cutting down on sugars and processed foods, I’ve left my alcohol calories alone. That said, after reading into Whole30, I’ve started cutting back. Even though I only have alcohol once per week or so, I was still drinking too much. For a woman, one to one and a half glasses is actually supposed to be the maximum serving. For men, it’s two glasses. I was usually having three or four (over a period of hours, not all at once). That was messing up my digestion, metabolism and was bad for my health. Now, I’m down to one or two. It’s even helping me sleep better!