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How to Know You’re Following the Wrong Diet for You

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Dieting Tricks | 0 comments

So, it’s my week to blog again and after Marley and I have both been struggling, I thought I’d talk about how to know if you’re following the wrong diet for you. After all, I’ve been testing out turmeric for weight loss (and I’ll get into that a bit in a minute) while Marley struggled a lot through her first week with the keto diet.

Am I Following the Wrong Diet?

If you’ve been following my friend and co-blogger Marley and I on Facebook and Twitter (hint, please do! Facebook, Twitter), then you’ve seen that we’ve bene experiencing some definite ups and downs with achieving our weight loss goals. The good news is that neither of us is letting it get us down and neither of us tries things that are extreme and dangerous. We just keep trying. Still, it’s good to know whether we’re trying the wrong diet or whether we’re on the right track.

So after a couple of weeks of trying weird mustardy tasting foods and gritty “lattes” that people have been praising like crazy due to their turmeric content, I decided to ask myself whether I’m really on the right track. With Marley getting the keto flu, I’ve wondered the same thing.

In my case, after two weeks of lots of turmeric, I haven’t seen a hint of change in my weight loss. I’ll say that I like the spice as an ingredient, but it’s far from the type of diet pill success Marley is getting with KETO FASTCUT.

I’m going to say that yes, I’m following the wrong diet, but that Marley may be on the right track.  Still, I’ve tried the ketogenic diet and it’s not for me.

Here’s How I Decide When It’s Time to Pivot

Anyone else just get Ross Geller’s voice in their head when I said that? “PIVOT!

Ross Geller Friends Pivot

As I was saying, I do actually have a strategy to help me to decide if I am following the wrong diet. Since a lot of us fail before we find the right strategy, I thought this might help you, too.  That way, you can recognize it when you’re not doing the right thing for yourself and change directions before you waste a lot of time and frustration on it.

  • It lets me get away with too much
  • It relies on only one ingredient or a single change
  • It doesn’t use an accurate BMI calculator or other similar reliable guidance for tracking progress
  • It includes a lot of bans, restrictions and other steps I know I won’t be able to do forever
  • It involves completely rewriting the way I live my daily life
  • It uses a food-based reward system to encourage exercise

On the other hand, when I know I’m on the right track and have avoided the wrong diet for myself, I’ve made healthy lifestyle changes that I know I’ll be able to keep up over the long term. It also lets me enjoy treats now and again, and I never feel bad or guilty about specific decisions I make. All I can do is be accepting and move forward with my best foot.