Losing a Lot of Weight

The Reality of Losing a Lot of Weight

When you have a lot of weight to lose, there are some expectations that you have likely built up in your head about how that will go and what your life will be like once the extra pounds are gone. Many people feel that they will find weight loss either extremely difficult or very easy. They also assume that once they’ve reached a healthy body weight, certain things – such as dating, buying clothes or even getting a job – will be easier.

While some people are right about their weight loss expectations, others find themselves quite surprised about the reality of losing a lot of weight.

Consider the following assumptions that many real dieters undergo after they have reached their weight loss goals, regardless of whether or not they turn out to be true:

Dating will become easier – Many people assume that body fat is what is standing in the way of their happiness on the dating scene. While this may be true if their self-image issues are reducing their self confidence, people have successes and struggles in the dating world for a broad spectrum of different reasons. There is absolutely nothing that says that body weight will make it easier or more challenging to meet the right person.
Self confidence will rise – Though this isn’t a universal result of losing a lot of weight, it does frequently occur. Many people find that when they work hard and achieve a goal, it gives their confidence a shot in the arm. When this is combined with liking the way they look, it can be doubly effective. That said, the change isn’t enough to create a personality overhaul. Shy people are still shy regardless of their weight. They may simply feel better about themselves as a whole.
Friends and family will help – Unfortunately, more often than not, this expectation doesn’t work out. In fact, well-meaning friends and family members are often among the biggest hurdles dieters need to overcome, particularly after a goal has been reached. Many people are criticized when they don’t return to their old ways after the weight is gone. Once a healthy weight maintenance lifestyle has been achieved, people often find themselves being accused of overdoing it, obsessing about dieting or having dieting and exercising obsessions.
You will like your body – While you may like your body more when you achieve a weight loss goal, this doesn’t mean that all your body acceptance issues will be gone. Often, there will be pride in achieving the goal but many people still have parts of themselves they don’t like. Perhaps they have loose skin or a backside that isn’t as toned as they would like. Positive body image and weight are not the same thing.

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