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I Exercise at Home Instead of Trying Gym Workouts with a Mask On

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Don't Forget Exercise | 0 comments

A lot of gyms are required to make us do workouts with a mask on.  I’m not going to criticize them.  They’re following local regulations, and I can’t fault them for that. I’m also not someone who is against face coverings.  I think they do us a lot of good in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  They don’t replace social distancing, but they can add just one more layer of protection. Every bit counts.

Have You Ever Tried Workouts with a Mask On?

Every person is different. Every mask is different. Every exercise is different.  So, for this blog post, I’m just talking about my experience, and the choices I’ve made as a result of them.

In my experience, trying to do workouts with a mask on is just awful! It’s all right at the start, but as I start to breathe more heavily, a lot of mask designs start sucking the fabric into my mouth. I’m still getting air, but it feels like I’m smothering all the same. When things get sweaty, it’s only worse.

The worst ones were the non-medical cloth masks with the charcoal filters inside. I love those when I’m going to a place where I feel the least confident about my safety. But even after walking up a couple of flights of stairs, I feel like it’s very difficult to breathe.

This Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Exercise

While I have to do workouts with a mask on if I go to the gym, I’ve decided I’ll just have to stay home and exercise there. I get out for regular walks outside. Those are great for fresh air and just to remind myself that I’m a part of a community! It’s good to see trees, neighbors, and the sky.  At home, I have given myself the luxury of virtual yoga sessions. Yoga is also challenging in a mask, by the way, especially the upside-down poses. Still, it’s much easier on my mat at home in my living room. That way, I can follow the breathing exactly as the instructor says, without worrying about infection.  It lets me forget – just for a while – that COVID-19 is a thing.

Final Thought

If you’re someone who does head to the gym and you do workouts with a mask on, I don’t know how you do it, but you’re amazing! Keep up the good work! It’s fantastic that you’re able to keep supporting local business and taking care of your physical and mental health with your exercises.

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