Weight Loss Tips that work

Amazing Weight Loss Tips Science Wants You to Follow

Weight loss tips are awesome for helping you to drop the pounds more quickly and to get an advantage that your main dieting strategy may not have offered you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re fun. Fortunately, science has actually proven that there are a lot of awesome ways that you can give yourself those extra benefits, too!

If you’re already drinking lots of water and making sure that your diet is high in fiber, then here are some alternative science-backed weight loss tips that you’re going to love to add to your arsenal:

Cut up your food in big rustic chunks – If you hate all the prep time that healthful eating requires, then you’re going to love the fact that science has found that cutting vegetables into large chunks instead of daintier bites, can help you to lose weight more easily. Not only that, but it means that it will take less time to prepare, which makes healthy food prep far more appealing. Regardless of whether you’re preparing a salad, a side dish, a casserole, or a soup, biting down on a larger chunk of veggies tricks your brain into feeling like it’s had more food. It takes more effort to eat it, so it slows down your eating pace and sends a signal to your mind that you’ve had a lot of food.

Cut up your food into teensy-tiny bites – If you cut your food into very small bites and eat one bite at a time (instead of stuffing all those bites into your mouth at once), then your higher calorie foods will take longer to eat and you’ll likely chew them more efficiently. This does take more prep time but you’ll feel like you’re eating more because it will take a lot longer to consume it all. This is one of the weight loss tips that will help you savor that food and reap the full hunger suppressing benefits.

Add chocolate to your breakfast – If you have a sweet tooth, you’re going to love this. A good quality dark chocolate is a great way to enjoy a healthful way to enjoy something sweet, right at the start of your day. By tossing a few dark chocolate chips into your steel-cut oatmeal or even adding chocolate protein powder to your smoothie, you’ll feel like you’ve already had a treat and will feel less likely to crave a sugary treat later on in the day.

Pay for food in cash – Withdraw the money you want to spend on food for the week at the beginning of every week. Then, pay for food only using that cash. Suddenly, that junk food isn’t just naughty for your diet, it’s something that depletes the money you have in your wallet. You’ll be much less likely to buy foods you know you really shouldn’t have when you’re watching it slim down your wallet and your belly.

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