Weight Loss Teas Effectiveness

Should You Trust Claims Made About Weight Loss Teas?

Dieting just isn’t fun. The idea of being able to drink a tea and watch our bodies shrink down to where we want them to be is extremely appealing. However, is it truly realistic? Should we believe companies when they tell us we can sip our way thin by way of a comforting warm beverage?

To start, it’s important to know that not all weight loss teas are made of the same ingredients and they don’t all make the same claims. While some say they will increase your calorie burning, others say they will cut cravings or cleanse your body of some form of toxins that are supposedly building up and causing you to be bloated.

There is some research to indicate that some teas can be helpful in certain ways. That said, there is also research to show that other claims are complete nonsense. The success you see with weight loss teas depends on the options you choose and how you incorporate them into your overall lifestyle. If you plan to sit back and let the tea do all the work, it’s likely that you will be rather disappointed. However, if you choose the right ones, eat right, exercise and use the effects of the tea to your best advantage, you might find that they are quite helpful to you overall.

Consider some of the following teas and what they can do for you:

• White tea – A Nutrition and Metabolism journal study indicated that drinking enough of this tea may help the body to boost the breakdown of body fat as it stops new fat from being stored.

• Green tea – This is the option with the largest amount of research surrounding it. It is seen as a fat burner, a fat blocker, an energy booster and a substance that improves the efficiency of the use of fat as energy. It’s an all around powerhouse for dieters.

• Rooibos
– For people with a sweet tooth, this is a great option because it’s naturally sweet, so extra sugars and calories don’t need to be added. Some research suggests it can help to reduce the formation of new fat cells by up to 22 percent. This option can also help to boost the metabolism for faster fat burning. When you’re already dieting in a healthful way, this tea can help to make the difference in getting rid of that stubborn fat that wants to stick around.

• Pu-erh tea – This tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Some research is suggesting there might be something to it as people who consumed it in a study had notably lower triglyceride (possibly dangerous form of fat in the bloodstream) levels. It also appeared to have an impact on belly fat.

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