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How I Benefit from Weight Loss Support Groups While Stuck at Home

by | May 1, 2020 | Dieting Tricks | 0 comments

Even though I’m a social person, weight loss support groups have never been all that important to me. I’ve always been inclined to take on my diets on my own.  I have some great friends and family who are, for the most part, supportive of the things I try to do for myself.  That said, while we’ve been ordered to shelter in place, things have changed.

The Difference Being Stuck at Home can Make

Stay at home orders that cut us off from other people and our usual habits and resources are a game changer.  When I want to do something great and healthy for myself, I like to do things that are social, shop for a great new workout outfit (to try to motivate myself to actually use it), or grocery shop for all healthy ingredients with plans to make something delicious.

Right now, I can’t meet up with friends for a smoothie bowl. I can’t have them over for a green tea. The yoga studio is closed. It seems wrong to go to the supermarket any more than is absolutely necessary. That scrubs my habit of heading to shop on a whim when I’m inspired to make something particularly healthy, but I don’t have the ingredients. I’ve started feeling like my community experience has shrunken. That’s where weight loss support groups have filled the gap.

Weight Loss Support Groups for a Supportive Sense of Community

As with everything else these days, I’ve turned to the internet to find what I need.  With the feeling that I’m without a community, I checked out a few weight loss support groups online.  A few were pretty intense.  They were far more committed to strict programs and getting everything right. They didn’t suit my style or comfort level.

Finally, I found a couple of weight loss support groups that have a more casual and comfortable feel.  I contribute to them by sharing my victories and my blunders. I give tips and kind words when other members need to be boosted up. What’s great is that they do the same for me, too. I’ve found a very positive group of people that all seem to be ready to hold each other up. I look forward to checking in with them every day and feel more motivated to stick to what I need to be doing because of it.

Online weight loss support groups may not be the same as talking to someone in person, but while sheltering in place, it’s certainly a great option for me.