surprising weight loss side effects

Weight Loss Side Effects Most Dieters Don’t Expect

When you’re dieting, every single time that you see a lower number on the scale, it can feel like a victory, but there is a lot more to weight loss than just watching the numbers drop. In fact, there are a number of unexpected side effects (good and not-so good) that come with fat reduction that most people don’t seem to discuss and that will frequently take dieters off guard.

Consider some of the following different side effects of weight loss that you might not know are heading your way, but that you probably should:

You’re about to become more energetic – This is one of the first side effects of weight loss, and it has to do with a number of different important factors. The first is that you’re carrying around less weight. After all, if you carry a pound weight in each hand for a few hours, your arms will start to get tired after a while, right? Well, if you lose two pounds that week, then you’ll have shed exactly that much. The more you lose, the less you’re carrying around.

Better focus and memory – Many people find that they are able to think more clearly and can access memories more readily as they lose ewight. This could have to do with the increase in energy levels, or a number of other factors. That said, research has shown that there appears to be a direct link between weight and memory. A 2013 study in Sweden showed that older women who were on a weight loss plan for 6 months scored better on a memory test than their counterparts that had not been dieting. Another study has shown that obese women who are pear shaped have a lower likelihood of experiencing memory issues than their apple shaped or slimmer counterparts.

Your skin could sag – Depending on how quickly you lose the weight and how much you lose, areas where a larger amount of weight loss has occurred could experience some saggy looking skin as it is stretched out and has not had the opportunity to shrink once again. For most people, skin will return to the proper size over time, but in the case of extreme weight loss, a medical procedure may be required to help with the additional skin that is left behind.

Foods may start tasting different to you – losing weight can have a direct influence on your taste buds. A study at Stanford University showed that 87 percent of dieters that lost weight experience a change in their sense of taste. Most dieters find that food has far more intense flavor once they have lost weight.

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