Weight Loss jumpstart for summer

Give Your Weight Loss a Jump Start Before Summer

Spring is now well underway and summertime is definitely showing signs of appearing. The weather is getting much warmer and bathing suit season is nearly here. Suddenly, all of those great plans that you’ve had since the New Year, for getting yourself slim don’t have as much time to go with them.

It’s time to give your dieting a jump start to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your weight loss efforts and that you’ll look your best all summer long. Use the following to get things moving and to keep yourself on track.

Know why you really want to lose weight – just saying that you want to fit into a smaller dress size isn’t enough. Nor is telling yourself that you want to look great in a bikini. Why do you want to look great in a bikini? Answer that question and you’ll start to discover where your real motivation lies.

Set your goal and write it down – a goal that you have put on paper is far more powerful than one that you have stored in your head. Though it may not seem like much, committing something to the page and placing it where you can see it every day, you’ll make sure that your weight loss goals are never able to slip to the back of your mind.

Spring clean your kitchen – it’s time to go through every shelf in your fridge, and every cabinet that contains food. Get rid of the foods that are unhealthy, that make you feel sluggish or depressed, or that you know will hold you back from reaching your goal. Donate them to a food bank! Once they’re gone, don’t replace them. Fill the spaces that they used to occupy with healthy, weight friendly alternatives that are full of flavor and that are convenient to grab when you’re on the go.

Make healthier foods convenient – prep your snacks and lunches so that you just have to grab them on your way out the door. The easier it is to eat in a healthy way, the more likely you will be to actually do it.

Understand what caused your weight gain – though it’s easy to say that you gained weight because you ate too much and didn’t exercise enough, there is a deeper matter at hand. Why did you eat too much? Why didn’t you exercise? Find the answers to those questions and you’ll be better equipped to stop them from happening again, giving weight loss the boost it needs!

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