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3 Fascinating Infomercial Weight Loss Gadgets

If you’ve ever turned on the television during off-hours like the middle of the day or the middle of the night, then you’re certain to have seen all sorts of different kinds of gadgets, including those for weight loss. At those times, it can be tempting to pick up the phone or head online to check them out and, you might even feel inclined to buy one.

But can you trust any of these infomercial weight loss gadgets? Will they really help you out or is it more likely that the only thing that will get lighter is your wallet?

While there are a number of different factors that can help to decide whether or not any given product can help you to lose weight, there are certain products that have been much more popular than others. Regardless of whether or not they actually work, there are some infomercial gadgets for weight loss that are truly fascinating. Consider the following:

The TreadClimber

This one has been around for a while and has become quite popular as it promises to provide an experience halfway between an elliptical and a treadmill. The idea is that it feels as though you’re walking up an incline and the claim is that it will allow you to burn twice as many calories as you would if you were walking normally or walking at the same speed on a regular treadmill. That said, it’s important to note that the comparison is against a flat treadmill or walking on a flat surface. As many treadmills now come with incline options, it’s not a genuine comparison anymore. In fact, in a 2006 study, a TreaClimber was compared to a traditional treadmill and the participants who used the regular treadmill burned an additional 25 percent more calories than those who used the TreadClimber. So as much as it may seem like a great idea and it may be popular, it also may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

Simply Fit Board

This is a type of balance board. The user stands on it while trying to remain balanced despite its smooth and rounded base. Essentially, you are always using muscles to keep yourself balanced, including by twisting, pumping your arms and shifting your weight and muscles in other ways. While it will provide a bit of a workout, it won’t do much more than the average walk. That said, if the user finds the Simply Fit Board to be more fun than walking, then it may be helpful to keep the user motivated enough to use it.

Gwee Gym Pro

This device is meant to provide users with an alternative to the standard resistance bands. It has two connected handles linked by flexible wires. They are pulled apart for consistent tension, the amount of which depends on the product, as the Lite version provides 1.5 pounds of resistance and the Pro version is 2.5 pounds. The workout is pretty light but it is considered to be a good product for beginners who are looking to add a touch of extra challenge to their workouts.

The Perfect Workout Compliment

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