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The Most Common Reasons You’re Likely Wearing the Wrong Sports Bra

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The majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and this includes sports bras. Wearing the wrong size or type of bra while you work out may be worse for you than wearing the wrong one when you’re more sedentary. The reason is that you’re moving around much more forcefully and you’re more likely to cause yourself pain or even injury.

There are many different ways to know whether or not you’ve been wearing the wrong sports bra. Primary among them is that you experience pain or other forms of discomfort during your workouts.

Choosing the right sports bra can be difficult. It’s not just a matter of making sure it fits properly. The Science Publishing Group recently published the results of research showing that the majority of sports bras don’t actually provide the type of support a woman needs to reduce the type of movement the breast tissue experiences when you exercise. That said, despite the fact that most products aren’t doing their job, it remains very important to find one that does.

Improper support when exercising can lead to discomfort during the workout but it can also result in premature sagging as a result of damaged tissues, ligaments and other breast supporting structures.

Therefore, before you head out to purchase another sports bra find out if you’ve been falling victim to one of the most common reasons women choose the wrong sports bras:

• You consider all sports bras equal – Even if you’ve purchased the right size and a great product, it’s important to know that sports bras are designed to work in different ways. Depending on the intensity of your workout, you may need a firmer support to your sports bra. If you’re using just one type for all the different kinds of workout you do, you’ll have a product that works great for some workouts and not so much for others. Pay attention to the support level and make sure you’re selecting the right one to wear for your workout.

• You’re not ultra-picky about getting the right fit – Just because you think you know your regular bra size, it doesn’t mean you know the right fit for your sports bra. Moreover, there isn’t an industry standard in this area, which means that every brand creates its own sizing and fit. It’s very important to be fitted for a sports bra every year and make sure to try several on to get the right fit. Even if you maintain the same weight, your body will change from one year to the next, so keep your sizing up to date.

• You bought it because it was on sale – More expensive sports bras aren’t necessarily better, but at the same time, the cheapest bra isn’t necessarily any good at all. Just because you found a great sale, it doesn’t mean you’re getting a deal. It’s only a great price if the sports bra is the perfect fit, construction and support level for your workout needs.

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