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Tiny Changes to Stop Winter Weight Gain

With the winter on its way, it can feel as though there are extra pounds just waiting to climb back on to your middle again. Regardless of whether you’ve been maintaining or even losing over the last while, the cooling weather can make it feel as though you’re running out of time before you can stop winter weight gain.

But this isn’t inevitable. It is possible to keep the winter pounds off your body. Even better, it doesn’t mean that you need to overhaul your life or drink only green juice for the next four months to stop winter weight gain, either. You just need to know the right tricks to apply to your activity strategy to keep your weight completely under your own control.

Consider the following tips to stop winter weight gain before it happens. Stick to them throughout the winter and you’ll find that this will be your best year yet for looking and feeling great:

Buddy up – if you want to make sure that you stick to your new activity program, then get your friends involved. If you have one friend who is as dedicated to the cause as you are, then that’s all you’ll need. Otherwise, try to spread the love among many of your friends. You’ll not only be able to enjoy the time exercising more because you won’t be alone, but you’ll also be less likely to skip it.

Use social media – whether it’s Facebook or MyFitnessPal, there are lots of platforms out there where you can track your progress, share your goals and get support during your setbacks. This can help to extend the benefits of working out with someone because it will mean that you’ll know that your friends on social media are rooting for you. You’ll come to love the chance to share your progress and will avoid skipping a workout because you won’t want to have to confess that to everyone you know.

Pay attention to your posture – even when you’re not exercising, you can still engage your core muscles. Keep an eye on your posture. Stand tall both when you’re still and when you’re walking. Don’t forget that good posture applies when you’re sitting down, too. Not only will you look slimmer and more confident, but you’ll also burn more calories than you would if you were slouching.

Recover when you stumble – say you missed a workout…or three. Put it to a stop and do it fast. Don’t let yourself get into the habit of skipping your exercises. Turn things around and get back into the swing of workouts again.

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