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The Keto Diet Has Helped Me Stop Sugar Cravings

by | May 4, 2021 | Weight Loss Tips | 0 comments

I never once in my life thought that I would be able to stop sugar cravings.  I have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know…except probably Holly. She really takes the cake (see what I did there). It was one of the things I was most hesitant about with starting my keto diet. What I’m shocked to discover is that I’m really not thinking about desserts half as much as I thought I would – or that I used to before I got started.

How Did the Keto Diet Make a Difference to Stop My Sugar Cravings

Before starting the keto diet, I needed a dessert for every meal.  In my head, a meal didn’t feel like it had concluded until I’d had something sweet.  In fact, one of the ways that I would stop myself from eating more portions at mealtime was to have a dessert, because it was a kind of mental signal that things were done. It was my portion control. I always thought nothing would stop my sugar cravings because I was programmed to finish meals that way.

If I had eggs for breakfast, I’d add chocolate milk to my coffee. If I had a sandwich or salad for lunch, I’d have a candy bar or cupcake. My dinner would end with a snack cake or ice cream. That sort of thing. Unfortunately, all that sugar added up really fast!

You’d think keto wouldn’t appeal to me at all, right? But I was curious to see if this type of very low carb diet would be able to stop my sugar cravings in their tracks.  To my luck, that’s what happened.

It Didn’t Happen Right Away

At first, it was agony. I was pretty sure I’d made a colossal mistake (Holly’s word for it, but I took it because it describes it well).  For three days, all I could think about was sweets.  Even when I was feeling pretty sick from the keto flu, I still wanted sweet things when I was hungry.

Then, suddenly, it went away. It was like flicking a switch. I’m not going to say that it had anything to do with the KETO FASTCUT, because I don’t think it did. That definitely helped me break through the keto flu and get into ketosis. It was particularly great for getting the diet started, but I think the way that the ability to stop my sugar cravings was all me.

I think I basically broke out of the sugar addiction.  This diet required me to get my carb intake so low that my usual sweet tooth couldn’t be fed. I was eating lots of food, just not sweets.  Since the food was satisfying – high fat foods are – and I wasn’t really hungry, suddenly it was easy not to need dessert anymore. I’m amazed.  One more point for Marley on the keto diet!

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