When You Stop Snacking for 30 Days

What Happens When You Stop Snacking for 30 Days

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Most nutritionists and doctors will tell you that even if you want to lose weight, snacking should remain a part of your daily eating habits. But many of us struggle to be able to stick within the limits of reasonable snacking. We’re used to plowing our way through a bag of chips or eating as much as we want of our favorite candy.

Would it be better to go cold turkey? If we can’t control how much we snack, is it better for us to simply skip snacking altogether? Likely not. It’s much better to focus your efforts on coming up with a strategy to teach yourself to snack within reason.

This is because snacking can play an important role in ensuring that we lose weight more smoothly and easily and that we make more reasonable choices during the meals we eat. Consider the following things that happen to your body when you stop snacking and eat only three meals per day – even if you keep your calorie levels the same:

• You’ll start getting hungry earlier

Without snacking to tide you over until your next meal, your stomach will become empty earlier and will stay that way until you eat something. As a result, your body will gradually boost the urgency of your hunger. More than likely, you will start to feel hungry enough to eat your meals much earlier than you usually would. This is particularly true if meals aren’t perfectly balanced from carbs to proteins to fats.

• You’ll need to eat more at meals

When you don’t snack, your hunger builds to a much higher level by mealtime. This means that even if you’d usually be fine with a relatively light lunch, you’ll need something much more significant to satisfy you. Moreover, after a little while, you’ll be just as hungry as you originally were before you ate because you won’t have another snack to tide you over to the next meal.

• You’ll be more likely to make bad choices at mealtimes

When you’re extremely hungry, logical thought goes right out the window. Yes, you know you should have the light salmon lunch with a side salad. However, you’re ravenous, so the double cheeseburger and fries are the only thing that appeals to you and it had better be ready fast!

Therefore, it’s worth your while to start to snack but to do it right. Try planning ahead so that you’re not trying to come up with a healthy option as soon as you’re hungry. Instead, prepare it in advance so it’s already handy. If it’s still a struggle, try taking one of the top weight loss pills and supplements to help you manage your energy levels and stick to your diet.

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