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5 Easy Spring Weight Loss Habits I Built Without Even Trying

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Weight Loss Tips | 0 comments

Spring weight loss is by far the easiest. Whenever I’ve tried to drop a few pounds at this time of year, I’ve always been successful.  I don’t mean that I’ve always met my goal – and I definitely haven’t kept it off – but it gives me hope.  This is a great time to get started and, one day, I’ll figure it out for the other months, too, and I’ll get to where I’m aiming.

Why is Spring Weight Loss Easier for Me Than Other Seasons?

Spring weight loss just seems to have all the right components to build the right habits.  Unlike winter, when I just want to eat cupcakes and hide under a warm blanket for 4 months, and unlike Summer, when it’s so easy to get into sweet cocktails and laze about to beat the humidity.

5 Spring Weight Loss Habits That Are So Easy They’re Practically Automatic

Here are the spring weight loss habits I can count on every year to make it easier to shed pounds for a few months.

1 – The Great Weather Makes It Fun to Be Active

The “baby bear” weather isn’t too hot or too cold – it’s just right! As soon as the weather gets milder, there isn’t a lot that can stop me from heading outside for a walk. I also like to get outside to do a bit of gardening. I’m loving the idea of putting in a good vegetable garden this year, which should take a lot of carrying, bending, raking, digging and more. I’m more likely to walk to nearby places than to drive to them. I just love that first feeling of comfortable sunshine before it gets too hot for it in the summer.

2 – Putting the Bulky Clothes Away Makes Me Want to Look Good

No matter which way you swing it, warner weather clothes are more revealing than winter ones. When the bulky sweaters and hoodies get tucked away, suddenly I need to look at myself in the mirror in a tee. That’s some pretty good motivation to start spring weight loss habits and keep them up. Yes, it’s vain, but it’s great motivation.

3 – Fresh Foods Are Practically All on a Spring Weight Loss Top 10 List!

Winter foods are heavy and rich. The produce that comes out at this time of the year is packed with nutrients, are freaky low in calories, and taste amazing. Last week, Holly wrote about how she finally figured out how to like asparagus, and she’s not kidding. It tastes great. So do early season berries, spinach, rhubarb, leeks, green onions, and others. I could eat them all day long and never gain a pound.

4 – More Daylight Makes Stress-Busting and Motivation Easier

The days get a lot longer at this time of year, making it easier to get motivated to build spring weight loss habits and feel inspired to try new ones. After months of long nights and frequent clouds, the sunlight starts to really recharge those solar panels on our heads. I feel far more driven to eat right, exercise, make an effort to sleep well and don’t feel as deprived if I have to skip dessert – even the amazing stuff my bestie makes. More daylight also helps me to sleep better at night.

5 – Holiday Season Leftovers Are Long Gone

Now that we’re at the end of March, all the heavy, creamy, and sugary foods from the holiday season are gone. This includes what I had stashed away in the freezer.  It’s all gone. This way, I can make sure that everything I have in my kitchen is appropriate for the keto diet I’m starting. That way, I know that my pantry, fridge, and freezer will work with me. With farmers markets opening up, spring weight loss is aligning well. It’s just a matter of setting myself up to keep it going.

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