shake up your diet for weight loss

Great Ways to Shake Up Your Diet to Make it Interesting Again

Hitting a plateau when you’re standing on the scale can be disheartening, but when you hit a plateau in terms of your motivation, it can feel as though you’ll never get back into the groove of your diet. After weeks – or even months – of hard work, the last thing that you want to do is face a scale that refuses to budge, and a couch that is calling you away from your treadmill.

It is important to remind yourself that plateaus don’t last forever. Both weight loss and motivational plateaus can be beaten. You just have to find a way to revamp your energy so that you aren’t constantly hitting that wall. Trying these great ways to shake up your diet can be the answer.

The following are some great ways to put the oomph back into your weight loss efforts and shake up your diet, so you can show that scale what you’re really made of:

Give yourself a new schedule – Shake things up a little bit. If you generally do your cardio after work, but before dinner, consider getting up a little bit earlier and completing your workout before your day begins. You might find that you’re suddenly far more energetic than you had been, and it will be great to have your workout done right at the start of the day. Then you’ll have the complete remainder to the day in which to get stuff done!
Cut off the late night snacking – Give yourself a good meal in the evening and indulge in some sweet fruits or berries for dessert, but then cut yourself off food for the evening. If you find that you want something between your dinner and when you go to bed, try a decaf green tea, a caffeine-free herbal tea (particularly one that is calming and that encourages a great sleep, like chamomile), or just a glass of water with lemon in it.
Add a high intensity training session to your week – Focus on your goals and power through a truly challenging, high intensity workout. It will be hard, but every time you complete it, you’ll feel great, and it will boost your motivation for the rest of the week.
Prep your meals in advance – Have a bit of extra time on the weekend (or in the evenings, when you started doing your workouts in the morning)? Try making big meals once or twice per week and freeze the extra portions. Over time, you’ll build up quite a selection of healthy, homemade dinners that just have to be thawed and heated. You’ll find them more attractive than anything you’d see in your grocery store’s freezer section!

All of these tips can really shake up your diet in a way that pushes you past that plateau and back to weight loss success!

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