Relationship with Your Diet

Start a Hot New Relationship with Your Diet

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When you begin a new diet, it can feel as though you’re going out on a blind date. You are hoping for the best, you’ve got a few reservations, and even though you may have been told a great deal about what to expect, you really won’t know what it’s all about until you begin.

The reason is that when you start a new lifestyle, it can feel as though you are beginning a new relationship. The difference is that instead of starting that relationship with someone else, you’re starting it with yourself.

Building a Positive Relationship with Your Diet

Most of us tend to think of the concept of a diet in a very negative way.  We think of it in terms of restrictions, struggle, and discomforts such as hunger.  There are also other factors we dislike that we associate with the term, including cost, inconvenience, and even social awkwardness from having to explain to others what we can and cannot eat when we’re a guest in their home.

This forces any changes you make to be met with the mindset of being maintained over the short term. After all, nobody wants to feel deprived, restricted and miserable for years to come.  Instead, it’s important to develop a much better relationship with your diet.  Instead of thinking about it in terms of the restrictions you must inflict on yourself, it’s time to see things differently.  Consider this the time to gradually take on a new and healthy lifestyle.

Yes, changing your eating habits can be a challenge.  That said, it doesn’t mean it needs to be unpleasant. Meet this challenge as something pleasant. It’s something that can open you up to new recipes, flavors and convenient ways to prepare and serve them.  You can find new and affordable ingredients you love and enjoy the nutrition benefits that come with them.

Starting a New Eating Strategy

When you consider any specific diet program or when you make decisions along the way with regards to how you intend to follow it, you need to take into consideration what that decision is going to do to that relationship that you have with yourself.

Is it time that you give yourself a gift? If you’ve been working very hard and sticking to your program, then maybe you have earned that night out at the end of the week. Do you feel like skipping your daily walk? Maybe it’s time you need to have a talk with yourself to find out what’s going on and discover why you are holding yourself back.

In so many ways, your efforts to lose weight and maintain a healthier body so that you can feel great about the way you look are a reflection of your willingness to respect yourself and love yourself. Therefore, just as you need to work at a relationship, you need to work at building the right habits to create your healthy lifestyle for weight loss.

Tips to Help you Start Eating Right

Here are some more ways that your dieting can feel like you’re in a new relationship:

  • You’re looking for “the right one”.
    • Some diets are right for you, and some just don’t work out.
    • There is a great deal of discovery along the way.
    • You’ll have your regrets.
    • You know that the result is worth it, but the journey can be very hard at times.
    • Even in the best ones, you will feel as though you hit the occasional plateau.
    • Everyone will have opinions and advice that they want to share with you.
    • You need to love yourself before you will be successful.
    • You’ll get to buy new clothes.
    • When you do find the right one, it’ll last a lifetime.

By adding these tips to your life, you can begin building a more positive relationship with your diet. This way, you can begin working with your own efforts instead of against them.  You can enjoy what you eat and the benefits of the choices you make.  You can stop feeling like you are punishing yourself in the name of a specific goal.

It won’t take long for you to discover that when your relationship with your diet is a good one, you won’t need to work as hard at it. You’ll still be applying yourself, but it will be enjoyable enough that you won’t feel as though you’re giving yourself a hard time or punishing yourself. You’ll be working to reward yourself and liking the journey along the way.

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