Apr, 15, 2019 ,Monday
Keto Diet Mistakes I Made

The 3 Keto Diet Mistakes I Made and Why I Gave Up

15Although I was hoping to be able to give my own review on this trendy form of dieting, I made a lot of keto diet mistakes that I think are better to share. They made the diet unpleasant, likely harder than it would have been, and frustrating enough that I gave up.

I can’t tell you if keto dieting is good or not because I didn’t do it right. So my hope is to be able to share all the ways that I did it wrong, so that if you’re determined to try it, you won’t make the same keto diet mistakes.

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Mar, 27, 2019 ,Wednesday
Green Lifestyle for Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight While Living a Green Lifestyle

Living a green lifestyle has become extremely important to the future of the planet. In fact, the majority of us aren’t doing everything that is needed in order to help prevent irreparable damage that will make parts of the world that are currently home to massive populations rapidly uninhabitable. That said, as we make eco-friendly changes to our lives, it’s important to be sure that they aren’t at a cost to our health.

For instance, the last thing you want to do is adopt a green lifestyle and only end up gaining weight as a result. Moreover, many people find that when they’re on a diet, they are already facing considerable restrictions and they are hesitant to impose more lifestyle changes while they’re already overhauling their lives.

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Mar, 16, 2019 ,Saturday
Height, Age and Your Best Body Weight

What Your Height and Age Has to Do with Your Best Body Weight

When I decided it was time for me to start losing weight, I knew I needed to drop some pounds. That said, the first thing most diets ask you when you want to get started is what your goal weight is. Easier said than done. I know what I weighed a million years ago when I was slim and thought that it was easy to keep the weight off (shows what I knew!).

Still, when I look at what my weight was at that time and what it was at my highest, it stopped seeming realistic that I would get back down to that low weight. What’s more, even if I could get down to that weight, it didn’t seem like it was the best idea for me anymore. I started doing some research into what my weight should be and found out that age does actually impact what your ideal weight should be, just like your sex and your height makes a difference.

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Feb, 22, 2019 ,Friday
Losing Weight for Health Besides Calories

Losing Weight for Health Means Tracking More Than Calories

If you want to lose weight, you can usually bank on cutting calories and exercising as your main two strategies. That said, if you’re doing it because you actually want to be healthy, then you’re going to have to pay attention to a lot more than that.

Ever heard of the Twinkie Diet? Or the McDonald’s Diet? Yes, if you can stand doing that day in and day out (has anyone actually done it?) you may meet your weight goals on the scale. However, in terms of nutrition and overall wellbeing, you may not meet any goals at all.

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Feb, 05, 2019 ,Tuesday
importance of Healthy Breakfast

Is My Healthy Breakfast Not the Most Important Meal of the Day?

I’ve always been a “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” person. Even in my last year of high school when I was skipping breakfast every morning so I could get fifteen more minutes of sleep, I still believed it was the most important.

I’d always been taught that it was the best meal for keeping your weight under control, for getting your energy up at the start of the day and for just doing things right overall. Study after study has backed up my belief, so I’ve never had any reason to doubt it…until now.
A study conducted by a research team at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Its senior author was Flavia Cicuttini, the head of the university’s musculoskeletal unit.

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