Oct, 04, 2019 ,Friday
Enjoy fat-fighting autumn foods

Fat-Fighting Autumn Foods

If you are looking to lose weight and are trying to get your eating habits under control, then you may want to consider specific fat-fighting autumn foods that will be locally available and taste great at this time of year. Combine them in a healthy diet with a well decided exercise plan, and you should have a fat burning recipe for success!
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Sep, 13, 2019 ,Friday

Turn off the TV

Do you watch TV while you eat? If you do, and you’re trying to lose weight, you might want to think about shutting off the television and finding other ways to enjoy your meal and to prevent unwanted snacking. Why? When you watch TV, you are distracted and are not paying attention to how much you consume.

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Aug, 30, 2019 ,Friday
Spice Up Your Food for Weight Loss

Spice Up Your Food

If you haven’t already done it, it’s time to spice up your food.  I fought this advice for a while.  After all, I like spicy and full flavors.  As a result, I figured that if I made food more appealing that way, I’d only end up eating more of it.  Since I’ve been hoping to reduce my calorie intake, not increase it, I aimed for options with less zing. Keep reading this post

Aug, 08, 2019 ,Thursday
How to Add Karaoke to Your Cardio

Add Karaoke to Your Cardio

If you add karaoke to your cardio, you may be shocked at how much you enjoy the experience.  You may also be surprised at how fast the time passes.  Many people dread cardio days because the workouts are long, repetitive and not all that inspiring.  Sure, there are the occasional fun days, but those are often the exception. Keep reading this post

Jul, 29, 2019 ,Monday
Are You Gaining Weight from Exercising

Could You be Gaining Weight from Exercising?

When you’re hitting the gym most days of the week, how can it be possible that you’re gaining weight from exercising? After all, you’re being good! You’re not skipping those workouts.  Even more, you’re pouring your heart and soul into completing them at your best possible performance level.  Shouldn’t that be sending your bathroom scale numbers through the floor, not up through she ceiling?

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