Apr, 03, 2018 ,Tuesday
weight loss when you have low blood sugar

Weight Loss When You Have Low Blood Sugar

For reasons I’m not going to get into in this blog (maybe I’ll get into it another day, but I don’t want this post to be miles long), I have been going through a struggle with hypoglycemia. That essentially refers to having blood sugar levels that are lower than normal. It’s something like the opposite of diabetes.

That said, while you might think that having low blood sugar will help you to lose weight far more than would be the case if you had diabetes, that’s not the case at all. Hypoglycemia comes with a whole line of symptoms that can make weight loss a serious challenge. Keep reading this post

Mar, 30, 2018 ,Friday
how to help others lose weight

How to Help Others Lose Weight and Get Healthy

It’s never easy watching someone you care about struggle with weight loss.  It’s downright discouraging not knowing how to help others lose weight when all you want is to support them in their efforts and see them succeed. Likewise, it’s not easy being the dieter, knowing that those who care about you want to help you but, at the same time, don’t understand what you’re going through.

It can feel like a helpless situation on both sides. Thankfully, as helpless as it might seem at times, it’s never hopeless. You can effectively support someone you care about in their efforts to shed excess pounds and live a healthier life. It’s all about the approach. More specifically, an open mind, positive encouragement, understanding and communication are all key steps in order for support to be well delivered and well received. Keep reading this post

Feb, 02, 2018 ,Friday
what the whole30 diet taught me even though i dont use it

What The Whole30 Diet Taught Me Even Though I Don’t Use it

The Whole30 Diet has been super popular among my friends and a lot of the people on my social media accounts. They just love it and talk about it all the time. I’ve had a look at it – a close look – and it’s not for me. After all, no single diet is perfect for everyone. I just happen to be one of those people who won’t be using this strategy for my own weight management and overall health.

Still, just because I’m not planning to stick to this strategy, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t learn some valuable tips while I was reading into it. It’s a well thought out concept. It is basically meant to be a 30 day regime that forces you to avoid all processed foods, added sugars, grains, alcohol, dairy and legumes. Instead, you eat a tone of veggies, some fruits and a moderate amount of seafood, meat, eggs and poultry. Keep reading this post

Feb, 02, 2018 ,Friday
ruining your diet success through friendship

Don’t Make This Dieting Mistake Friends Make Frequently

Friendships can be fantastic when it comes to keeping you from making a dieting mistake. The support you get from those who are closest to you can provide you with the motivation you need to keep going, while strengthening you to sidestep many of the temptations you face, such as overeating or skipping workouts. At the same time, even when you have fantastic, supportive friends, and are taking the right diet pills, you can still hold back your dieting success if you make the same dieting mistake I do on a regular basis: comparison. Keep reading this post

Dec, 27, 2017 ,Wednesday
wake up earlier to do your workout

Top Tips to Make Getting Up Earlier to Do Your Workout a Lot Easier

Not morning person? You’re not alone. Not only do many of us not want to get up at the time our alarms go off, but we certainly don’t want to set that alarm even earlier so that we can get out of bed and do something that requires energy.

The problem with that is that for the vast majority of us, the best time to get a workout done is first thing in the morning. If we wait until later in the day, the odds are that our schedules will fill up and we’ll either feel that we don’t have any time to do it, or we just won’t have the motivation and energy to try. Keep reading this post