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Finding Hidden Weight Loss Motivation Where I Least Expected It

by | May 25, 2021 | Weight Loss Tips | 0 comments

The days of finding weight loss motivation in bikinis or skinny jeans have loooong passed.  They used to drive me, but these days, I find that any help they give me is either short-lived or non-existent. In fact, over the last year, thinking about clothes that don’t fit has really only caused me stress. It hasn’t pushed me forward to do anything great for myself.

Looking for Weight Loss Motivation in New Places

Being hard on myself or trying to remind myself of what I’m not just doesn’t cut it for weight loss motivation anymore. I’m done with it.  Instead, I’m using positivity to keep myself headed in the right direction.

Here are some of the hidden sources of weight loss motivation I’ve been discovering that are so much better for me than that old pair of jeans that don’t fit anymore.

(BTW, if that old pair of jeans or that bikini or bridesmaid’s dress or anything else like that is working for you, that’s great! Use it! I’m speaking from my experience and that doesn’t work for me. No shame if it works for you. Go for it!)

Hidden Sources of Weight Loss Motivation I Love

Here’s where I’m finding my weight loss motivation these days.

Bursts of Energy

When my energy is high, my drive to do just about anything is high. This includes giving me a lot more weight loss motivation.  So, whether I have extra energy because of a diet pill I’m taking (more about that in a future blog post), because I’m full of coffee, or just because I’m filled to the brim with life after a great sleep and a sunny day, I make sure that I use it when I’ve got it. When a burst of energy is there, I hop on it to do a workout, to cook some healthy meals and to make other choices that are great for both me and my goals.

Workout Gear

There are two steps to the way my workout gear can motivate me. I know I said I don’t rely on jeans or a bathing suit, but this is different.  Here are the ways that these particular clothes give me weight loss motivation.

  1. I shop for new workout clothes and shoes so that they’ll perform, well and I’ll feel good in them. Plus, who doesn’t like wearing new stuff?
  2. I will always leave my gym gear within easy reach. One full outfit – head to toe – is always folded and laid out, ready to grab. That way, I see it, and it acts as a reminder!

Premium Healthy Habits

Whenever I try my workouts, I pay attention to how they make me feel and when I enjoy them the most.  That way, even if I’m not feeling completely motivated, I’ll be able to fall back on the ones I like the most, so that I’ll get the job done. Same goes for healthy meals. I’ll cook extra and freeze them for later so that when I’m not feeling fully motivated, I can still have a homemade, delicious healthy meal.

Expect Challenges

Struggles happen. Setbacks happen. There are times when a workout, a meal, or something other choice or behavior isn’t going to go right.  My attitude about that isn’t to lose my whole weight loss motivation. Instead, I say to myself “wow, that wasn’t great” and move on. I’ll make mistakes. I’ll make bad choices. There will be things that aren’t fun even if I thought they will be.  It happens.  All I can do is brush myself off and keep going.

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