Natural Fat Loss Tricks

Awesome Natural Fat Loss Tricks That Actually Work

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The only thing that is better than natural tricks for weight loss are ones that actually work. While they may not be the entire solution to dieting, they can make your current efforts a great deal faster, easier, and more enjoyable, when you combine them all together.

These natural fat loss tricks aren’t meant to be a diet program in themselves, but they can provide you with some great backup and a better chance of actually reaching your goal body weight, when all is said and done.

Check out these four things that you can do to speed up your fat loss, while still remaining positive and healthful about your overall weight loss efforts:

Add spice to your life, and your food – All too frequently, people believe that the only food that is good for weight loss is bland food. That couldn’t be further from the truth! One of the best ways to boost your metabolism while satisfying your hunger and cravings, is to pack your foods with flavor. So throw on the herbs and the spices. In fact, if you like things spicy, then go for it. Chili peppers contain a substance called capsaicin. It’s what gives them their heat and it’s also what makes your own temperature rise when you eat them. It’s why you break into a sweat! That substance will raise your metabolism for a little while after you’ve eaten it, helping you burn calories from your meal more quickly or – if you have it before you exercise – you’ll burn more fat when you work out!

Aromatherapy – The scents you detect can have a considerable impact on your appetite and your cravings. The olfactory system (your sense of smell) can influence what you want to eat and how much of it you consume, making it top the list for natural fat loss tricks. Studies have shown that people who inhale the smell of peppermint all day long will eat less fat and sugar and will consume fewer calories overall. The scent of green apple is also supposed to have a similar effect.

Acupuncture – If you can stand the idea of all of those teensy little needles, then you may be very surprised at the difference that they make. Simply by tapping five of them into your outer ear, you could find that your appetite will shrink and your weight loss will speed up. This has been scientifically studied and has been found to be true by research conducted in South Korea.

Massage – While getting a massage won’t just cause fat to be eased away, the improvements to your overall sense of calm and the reduction in stress levels will also reduce cortisol in the body (the stress hormone). That’s why massage is one of the most natural fat loss tricks there is. Research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine showed that cortisol levels drop after even one 45 minute Swedish massage treatment. People with lower levels of cortisol will often find it easier to lose weight, and won’t gain as quickly.

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