Forgiving Myself for Eating Everything

How I’m Using January to Forgive Myself for Eating Everything in December

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I’m not proud of the way I handled myself in December. I went in with a very reasonable plan. I even stuck to the plan to a certain extent. I told myself that I could taste treats within reason, have decent portions of rich meals when I wasn’t picking them for myself (for example, when I was at a friend or family’s house), and eat healthy the rest of the time. I also told myself I’d keep up with my exercises to make sure I’m doing as much damage control as possible. Christmas day had no rules.

Did I keep up with the plan? Not really. I started off very well. I was very proud of myself right up until Christmas day. Then, everything fell apart. I think it happened because I was just so tired from everything throughout the holidays that I gave up. All the visits, shopping, decorating, baking and everything else took a toll on me that I hadn’t expected. Once Christmas was over, I was utterly exhausted.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you know what happens when I’m exhausted: I eat. I don’t just eat anything. I eat sweet treats and some fatty foods, too. I can’t help myself. It’s as though I lose control over the choices I’m making. I don’t want to break the rules. I remember my rules. Still, I break them and I find myself eating five cookies instead of three, then eating two more treats on top of that!

I kept this up right through the new year and part of the week that followed. That weekend, I gave myself a good slap across the face (figuratively, of course) and decided enough was enough. Though I could have beaten myself up over all the bad decisions I made, I decided not to. Did I gain weight? Yes. That was punishment enough.

It’s now time to be positive and get back on track. I’ve been eating very healthy but still enjoying a little desert every night (very little) so that I won’t feel deprived. I’ve also met my fitness goals with the help of these diet pills every single day since the first Sunday of the year. I feel very proud of that and am focusing on that feeling instead of feelings of guilt or frustration. Now that I’m trying again, I know I’ll get myself back to losing weight again.

If you gained weight over the holidays and haven’t started recovering yet, take my advice. Leave the past in the past and choose right now to make things right for yourself. You deserve it.

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