Diet Friendly Mexican Food to Stay Slim

Delicious Diet Friendly Mexican Food to Keep Trim at Home or Away

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Whether you’re headed to a gorgeous luxury villa in Nayarit, or making yourself a delicious meal, diet friendly Mexican food is easier to find than you think. Many of us tend to think of dishes from Mexico as being heavy, fatty and terrible for the waistline. However, that assumption is based on flawed thinking.

The majority of the dishes that aren’t diet friendly Mexican food are typically what we’d find at fast food places. If we make these dishes with fresh ingredients, they’re far better for our health and weight. In fact, authentic Mexican food is rich with nutrients and is great for protein, healthy fats, and a variety of fruits and veggies.

Great Diet Friendly Mexican Food You Love

The following are some of the best diet friendly Mexican food options. Notice how none of them come from a fast food chain!

• Guacamole – When you make this incredible dip yourself it becomes a fantastic diet friendly Mexican food. It’s true that avocados are high in fat. That said, it’s monounsaturated fat, which is good for your health when eaten in appropriate quantities. This dip is also high in fiber and antioxidants.

• Chicken fajitas – Again, the key to making this a diet friendly Mexican food is to avoid the fatty and sugary sauces. Instead, fill your tortilla with delicious veggies pan fried in a home-made spicy mix with your white meat chicken. Be light handed with the cheese and sour cream and you’re all set!

• Bean Burritos – Whether you’re at a restaurant or at home, if you’re eating a whole bean burrito, you’re likely eating an extremely healthy meal. The fiber in the beans is exceptionally filling and also lowers your cholesterol levels. This is not the same as a burrito made of refried beans, which are mashed and cooked in lard. If the bean burrito isn’t whole-bean, choose the chicken instead.

Of course, if you actually head to Mexico and eat there at any of the beautiful authentic restaurants, you’ll do far better than the fast food versions available all over the United States. The fresh fruits and veggies, the whole beans and the sauces made in-house are packed with fiber and nutrients without the preservatives, chemicals, unhealthy fats and high sugar levels.

While you’re away, your main struggle will be to be able to stop eating because everything is so delicious!

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