change your thinking to lose weight every day

How to Change Your Thinking to Lose Weight: Shift Focus Daily

It helps to change your thinking to lose weight. Many people struggle to be able to lose weight because of the challenge and yet monotony of trying to keep up with so many changes to their lifestyles. After all, if you want to shed the pounds, it means you need to change the things that you were doing that put them there in the first place. This usually means that you will need to focus on eating differently and exercising more frequently or more efficiently.

This may sound obvious and straight forward, but when you try to put that kind of strategy into place, it can be rather difficult. The ability to change your thinking to lose weight can be easier said than done. At times, it can feel nearly impossible.

When your motivation is high, you can power through the additional workouts and the need to prepare more meals when you’re used to ordering in or using pre-made options. However, when you are strapped for time, tired or are simply feeling unmotivated, all those changes to your comfortable routine can be daunting to say the least.

For this reason, many people find that focusing on one major part of their strategy with each day of the week lets them concentrate their energies on one thing instead of an overwhelming number. Over time, these habits will become more natural and they will be a part of your everyday life. At the start, you might find it easier to simply take it day by day. After all, the idea is to change your thinking to lose weight in a way that can last.

Monday – This is the beginning of your work week. Every week, consider it a fresh start. It’s the best day for motivation so get up a little bit earlier to complete that power walk or your early gym session. You’re more likely to convince yourself to do this today than any other day of the week. Make all your meals very healthful today. After all, the day before was the weekend so you’ll have had time to prepare them.
Tuesday – Learn something new. Research a new kind of ingredient or recipe so you can try it on Tuesday. This will help to keep things fresh and interesting. It’s not just a matter of eating healthfully, you’ll be taking yourself on a little adventure of discovery each week.
Wednesday – Rebuild after two relatively intense days piled on top of your regular hectic schedule. Take time for a yoga session and head to the supermarket on the way home to buy fruits and veggies you like. This is the least busy day of the week at grocery stores, so enjoy a little bit less stress while you shop.
Thursday – Intense exercise day. Whatever workout you have that you like the least but you know you have to do, do it on Thursday. With Friday right in front of you, blasting through it will make you feel great as you close in on the end of the work week.
Friday – Dress to look great. Wear the jeans that are the most flattering and take some extra time in grooming. Look fantastic and feel that way, too. It’s the end of the work week and it’s time to face the weekend with confidence.
Saturday – Reward yourself. Even a bit of a sweet treat won’t hurt all the efforts you’ve made throughout the rest of the week. Today is a day for a special little indulgence. Just don’t go overboard!
Sunday – Go for a walk, relax, recharge and prepare your meals for tomorrow. It’s time to shake off the rest of last week and get yourself ready for next week. That includes physical activity, being calm and preparedness.

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