How to Add Karaoke to Your Cardio

Add Karaoke to Your Cardio

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If you add karaoke to your cardio, you may be shocked at how much you enjoy the experience.  You may also be surprised at how fast the time passes.  Many people dread cardio days because the workouts are long, repetitive and not all that inspiring.  Sure, there are the occasional fun days, but those are often the exception.

Unless you’re someone who just genuinely enjoys your exercises, then choosing to add karaoke to your cardio could be a game changer.  In fact, even if you already are someone who loves your workout, you may still find that this adds an entirely different component to your experience.

Why Add Karaoke to Your Cardio Workout?

Music can make exercise fun. This is the case regardless of whether you’re listening to it or you’re singing it yourself.  That said, most people are more likely to listen to an upbeat playlist than to even think to add karaoke to their cardio workout.

However, if you’re doing your exercises at home, there’s no reason for you to hold back your voice while listening to music – unless you exercise at 3a.m., of course.  There’s no reason to wake your family and the neighbors!

Overcoming Motivation Struggles

It can be very difficult to find the motivation that you need to keep on your workout program every day that you should. This is especially true when your life is very busy and you feel tired. However, the right music has actually been proven to help people to exercise better and for a longer period of time. It’s certainly worth giving a try if you are having a hard time keeping up with your own program, or if you feel bored throughout your cardio routine.

If you want to gain even more benefit from your cardio workout, you may find that the solution is located in singing. A bit of karaoke worked into your cardio can not only add even more motivation and enjoyment to your workout, but there are some health benefits that you can enjoy, as well.

What Are the Benefits of Singing During Your Workout?

Consider the following benefits of adding karaoke to your karaoke exercises:

  • Listening to music with the right number of beats per minute can help you to feel as though you’re not actually working as hard as you are. Since your favorite tunes can make you feel happier, overall, they can also provide you with a boost that will encourage you to keep moving, even if you’re not feeling comfortable, or if you are tired.
  • If you keep up with the rhythm of your music while you work out, then you’ll be better able to make sure that your movements don’t slow down over time. Singing along with the music can help to make sure that you keep up with the rhythm of what you’re hearing, instead of starting to ignore the tune and moving at your own pace.
  • Singing with music while you exercise can help you to keep your mind off the fact that you’re doing a workout because you’ll be focused on the lyrics, the notes, and belting out the tune at the top of your lungs. This can help you to keep up your workout longer and to put more into it because you will be distracted from feelings of fatigue or boredom.
  • Singing while doing a cardio activity will give you excellent control over your abdominal muscles, especially the top 2 abs known as the diaphragm.

Sing with the Right Songs When You Add Karaoke to Your Cardio

Fine tune your playlist so learn the songs that truly motivate you to move around, and weed out the ones that don’t do the trick or that start to become dull over time. Keep a good mix of old and new songs that you love, that have the right number of beats per minute, and sing at your very finest.

Your beats per minute don’t have to match your pace exactly, but it can help if they do.  When you add karaoke to your cardio, you may be inclined to step to the beat of the tunes you’re singing.  Therefore, make sure that the beat is a fast one, if not exactly the speed you want to go.  The last thing you want to do is slow yourself down.

Now you’re ready to add karaoke to your cardio and start belting out your favorite songs to get you going and keep you going.  Get ready to feel the minutes flying by.  You may even start looking forward to your workout when you never have before!

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