Changing Habits for Weight Loss

Losing Weight Means Changing Habits

We might not like to hear it, but if we really want to lose weight and keep it off, we need to think about changing habits central to our lives. This doesn’t just mean changes for a weekend during a fad diet. It means we need to stop doing some of the things that are making us gain the weight and start doing something better.

It’s not just me who thinks this way. There was a study from McGill University that showed that when people made behavioral changes, they lost 10 percent of their body mass. Changing habits is not about counting carbs, cutting sugar or anything extreme. Instead, it’s about repairing the things we’re doing to ourselves that cause weight problems.

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Maintaining Weight Loss

Top Reasons Your Weight Loss Won’t Stay Gone

Weight loss is hard. That said, when you reach your goal, it feels as though you’ve done something enormous – and you have! You’ve looked your challenge in the eye, and you’ve shown it who’s boss. This is what makes it feel absolutely devastating when the weight comes back.

According to research, most people will regain 70 percent of the weight they’d lost. Moreover, they’ll do it within the two months that follow the day they reach their goal. The exception is among people who commit to keeping up their strategy over the long term to maintain their healthy weight.

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Weekly Intake of Calories

Is Your Workplace Secretly Adding Over 1,250 Calories to Your Weekly Intake?

You work in a friendly workplace where someone is always making sure there are delicious snacks in the break room. That darling woman in the cubicle three rows down always brings enough of her homemade biscotti (from her Nona’s recipe) for everyone. The social committee always makes sure birthdays are celebrated with cake.

They’re nice little treats so they can’t really hurt, right? Wrong! Boy, is it ever wrong. I recently read a study that completely opened my eyes to a major problem occurring in some of the happiest and most social workplaces. All that food we’re all sharing with each other adds up. In fact, it adds up fast enough that it suggests we’re eating more than 1,250 or even 1,300 calories every week because of office snacks!

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Are You Being Duped by Your Weight Loss Shakes

Are You Being Duped by Your Weight Loss Shakes?

Weight loss shakes are marketed as a fantastic option to help keep your calories, hunger, and macronutrients under control. I’ve used them in the past, though I stopped doing that when I started to try to put more whole foods in my life. When you make enough smoothies and have them ready in your freezer, you don’t need to spend the extra cash on weight loss shakes for diet support.

That said, I made the switch because I was cheap and because I was trying to get more whole foods in my life. It wasn’t because I didn’t think weight loss shakes could benefit me. Now, as it turns out, I might have made the right choice without knowing it.

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Diet Friendly Mexican Food to Stay Slim

Delicious Diet Friendly Mexican Food to Keep Trim at Home or Away

Whether you’re headed to a gorgeous luxury villa in Nayarit, or making yourself a delicious meal, diet friendly Mexican food is easier to find than you think. Many of us tend to think of dishes from Mexico as being heavy, fatty and terrible for the waistline. However, that assumption is based on flawed thinking.

The majority of the dishes that aren’t diet friendly Mexican food are typically what we’d find at fast food places. If we make these dishes with fresh ingredients, they’re far better for our health and weight. In fact, authentic Mexican food is rich with nutrients and is great for protein, healthy fats, and a variety of fruits and veggies.

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