fight Food Cravings

Fantastic Tips To Smash Your Food Cravings Fast

When you’re trying to lose weight, finding yourself face to face with food cravings for something that is not appropriate to your dieting efforts can be a genuine problem.

Food cravings may sound simple, but they can be overwhelmingly powerful, to the point that all you can think about is that candy bar, bag of chips, or cupcake that you are longing to eat. When you are just starting a diet and have cut out fatty, salty, and sugary foods, these cravings can be especially powerful.

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shake up your diet for weight loss

Great Ways to Shake Up Your Diet to Make it Interesting Again

Is it time to shake up your diet?  There are many ways for you to know when it’s time for a change.  A plateau in your progress or getting bored with your current plan are some of the top indicators that you’re overdue.

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Weight Loss Remedies aren't Fitness

Why Weight Loss Remedies Don’t Make You Fit

I’m going to take a moment to vent about claims associated with some weight loss remedies. This is one of those topics that pushes my buttons. While I usually try to keep my topics upbeat, I’ve been thinking about this one for a while. Even though it’s not the bubbliest little cupcake of a topic, its time I address it.

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Why No Weight Loss 7 Day Fast

Why I Decided Against a Weight Loss 7 Day Fast

Earlier this year, I started to look into a weight loss 7 day fast.  Fasting has become such a hot topic that I’ve been looking into a lot of its forms to see if any of them will benefit me.  This was not an easy process!  There is an awful lot written about the subject online, but not a lot of conclusive evidence is presented with every claim.

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Stop Eating When Bored

Eating When Bored: Activities to Quit The Habit

Other than actual hunger, there are a number of things that can cause you to want to eat. Primary among them are issues such as eating when bored as well as sheer habit. Any of these things can make you want to start to eat more food than you actually need. They can make you feel as though you are hungry, when there actually isn’t a single signal being sent from your stomach to your brain to indicate that your belly is empty.

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