If you’re looking for a unique vacation idea, then you’re going to love an event I recently discovered. It’s called the Playa Platanitos Sea Turtle Festival. This year, from July 20 to 21, the event will include a huge number of different types of activities. The main focus is on sea turtles, but there’s a range of different things to do. No matter who you’re traveling with, there’s sure to be something everyone will like on any given day.

Why a Sea Turtle Festival?

To start, you can’t deny that a sea turtle festival in Mexico is a very unique vacation idea. If you’re looking for something different, this is certainly it. Another reason is that it’s eco-friendly and spotlights the care and preservation of the environment, particularly when it comes to sea turtles. After all, the coastal town holds this event every year precisely when sea turtles are being released into the ocean after having been hatched from eggs.

The festival is the town’s official launch of the sea turtle release season. Since it’s also smack in the middle of summer holidays, it makes it easy to fit a trip to Mexico into a family’s schedule. That said, even if you don’t want to spend an entire weekend focusing on the sea turtles (which really are adorable and interesting), it’s still an appealing unique vacation idea.

Activities Included in this Unique Vacation Idea

There are tons of different events, competitions and activities during this festival. They focus on sports, arts and culture, so if you’re not too interested in one thing, there’s always something else.

It all begins with a cultural and artistic forum with lots of special guests. It moves on to a beauty contest so the festival will have a queen. After the festival’s queen is chosen, there is a pyrotechnic show and a dance with a live band that is tremendously popular. Still, as much as you might want to keep partying into the night, if you want to do a lot of the next day’s events, you might want to watch the clock.

The Sunday starts at 6 am (did you know there’s a six o’clock in the morning?) with a Shore Fishing Tournament. If you’re more of the cycling type, then the Vuelta a Platanitos cycling route starts an hour later. I personally am most interested in the Playa Platanitos ecological tour that spans all the way up to Punta Custodio, where I’ll be staying in a luxury villa rental. That tour starts at 11 am. There’s also a swimming competition an hour later.

The whole afternoon is filled with different competitions and activities until the festival closes with the awarding of the prizes and another dance with a live band that starts at 8pm. This whole unique vacation idea is free for everyone.