what is CoolSculpting and is it worth it

What is CoolSculpting and is it Worth the Hype (and Money)?

CoolSculpting, also known as fat freezing or cryolipolysis, is a hugely hyped fat loss method that is being called the best new non-invasive alternative to undergoing liposuction. But what most people would like to know is if it does actually work and whether or not it is safe.

Finding an alternative to liposuction has long been a top quest for many people who want to lose weight quickly. The reason is that liposuction is far from being gentle on the body. The most common type requires a fluid to be injected into the body. This liquid is a combination of saline (salt water), pain reducing lidocain and blood vessel constricting epinephrine. Incisions are made in the body, allowing the surgeon to insert a suction tube that sucks the unwanted fat out through the tube. Other forms of liposuction are just as invasive, or even more so. Keep reading this post

Supermarket Weight Loss buddy

How to Make a Supermarket Your Weight Loss Buddy

When you’re trying to lose weight, the local supermarket can be your best friend or worst enemy. Since there’s no way for you to stop eating or to stop grocery shopping, it’s a very good idea to learn the right tips and tricks to make sure your supermarket will be a friend rather than a foe.

Use the following techniques to turn your supermarket into a weight loss buddy, despite the fact that it has been designed to encourage you to buy as many weight loss unfriendly products as possible. It can be done! Keep reading this post

Banking Calories for Alcohol

Can You Lose Weight by Banking Calories for Alcohol?

One of the first things experts will tell you to cut out of your diet if you want to lose weight is alcohol. For many of us, that may not sound like much of a sacrifice, but that opinion can easily change the next time we’re supposed to head to a girls’ night out, a friend’s wedding, a romantic dinner, or just a relaxing evening with your favorite drink.

Is there a way around it? After all, if the main concern about alcohol consumption is the number of calories it contains, wouldn’t that mean that you could save up your calories throughout the week and then have a few glasses on the weekend? Is it possible to bank your calories so you can use them later on for wine, beers, cocktails or another drink you’d like to enjoy? Keep reading this post

Help Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

Top Tricks to Stay Motivated Until You Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

Motivation is the foundation of any successful weight loss effort. That said, it can also be one of the most difficult things to maintain throughout the length time you’re pursuing your goal. The problem with that is that if you lose your motivation, you likely won’t have the drive you need to keep up your eating and exercising efforts. If you don’t maintain those components of a healthful lifestyle, you may stop losing weight or might even gain.

If you are having a hard time keeping yourself motivated, consider the following tricks to get your drive back: Keep reading this post

Eat More Slowly to lose weight

How to Eat More Slowly to Lose Weight

One of the weight loss tips we all have available to us and that can best serve our efforts is slower eating. Reducing the speed at which we consume our meals gives us a spectacular range of weight loss benefits.

That said, eating more slowly is easier said than done. It seems as though this should be one of the simplest weight loss techniques to implement. It’s something that we can all technically do, and it’s something many of us try. However, when those of us who do give it a try begin our efforts, it doesn’t take long before we discover that the speed at which we eat seems to be relatively automatic. It isn’t something we control. Keep reading this post