Banking Calories for Alcohol

Can You Lose Weight by Banking Calories for Alcohol?

One of the first things experts will tell you to cut out of your diet if you want to lose weight is alcohol. For many of us, that may not sound like much of a sacrifice, but that opinion can easily change the next time we’re supposed to head to a girls’ night out, a friend’s wedding, a romantic dinner, or just a relaxing evening with your favorite drink.

Is there a way around it? After all, if the main concern about alcohol consumption is the number of calories it contains, wouldn’t that mean that you could save up your calories throughout the week and then have a few glasses on the weekend? Is it possible to bank your calories so you can use them later on for wine, beers, cocktails or another drink you’d like to enjoy?

Or, even if you don’t save up calories throughout a week, could you do it in a day? Could you eat spinach for breakfast, lunch and dinner, chug water, get the headache pills ready and then stay out all night with the girls and a lot of margaritas?

Believe it or not, over half of dieting women have said that they will save calories or even skip meals throughout a day in order to save up their calories to be able to drink alcohol. They don’t just do this on occasion when they want to have a special night out or enjoy an occasion with their families and friends. This is something those women do on a regular basis.

So if you have done this – or are considering trying to save calories so you can drink alcohol instead – then you are far from alone. That said, just because a lot of people are doing it, it doesn’t mean that it actually works.

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of women, this strategy simply will not work. The reason is that by skipping a meal or eating far too few calories throughout the day, you’re not just making room for a drink later on. Instead, you’re slowing down your metabolism. For this reason, once you do get to the point that you’re taking in the calories from your drink, they will have a bigger impact on your waistline than they normally would.

On top of that, if you do head out to drink or if you enjoy a drink with friends, you’re likely to have food along with it. The odds are that it will be salty, fatty and/or sugary. With your slow metabolism, the damage will be even worse.

The lesson? Unfortunately, all calories aren’t created equal, and when you “save” them, it likely won’t have the effect you think it will.

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