Feb, 10, 2017 ,Friday
healthy dieters never say this

Top Words and Expressions Never Used by Healthy Dieters

Have you ever noticed a small wince when you talk about weight loss with your doctor, trainer or other people who have successfully lost weight and kept it off? No? Then you’ve either mastered your positive weight management lingo or you just haven’t been paying attention.

The reason is that there are a lot of very popular terms that are used on a regular basis in the dieting community that can do a great deal more harm than good. To people who have lost weight in a healthy way, or who simply know a great deal about health and medicine, those terms sound like nails on a chalkboard. Keep reading this post

Feb, 02, 2017 ,Thursday

The power of Joining Weight Loss Communities

One of the main reasons so many dieters have trouble sticking to their weight loss goals is that they lack the right motivation to stick to it. Once the initial thrill of a new diet or exercise program wears off, keeping up with the demands of the regimen can become monotonous,especially if you are attempting to do it on your own and not Keep reading this post

Jan, 23, 2017 ,Monday
dieting at lunchtime advice

Dieting at Lunchtime isn’t Just a Matter of What, it’s Also When

Eating a proper lunch is very important to your diet. If you are hoping to lose weight – or at least to prevent gaining it – choosing the right foods on a regular basis will be integral to your success. However, it’s also a good idea to realize that a diet friendly lunch isn’t just a matter of the foods you pack for yourself each day. You also need to pay attention to the clock.

New research has shown that certain times of the day are great for weight loss friendly lunches. There are other times that can cause harm to your efforts, even if you’re eating the same meal either way. Keep reading this post

Dec, 31, 2016 ,Saturday
Healthy Snacks for weight loss

Satisfy Your Cravings with the Right Healthy Snacks

Just because you’re trying to lose weight – or keeping it off once it’s gone – there is no reason to stop snacking. In fact, many studies suggest that it is better for many dieters to enjoy healthy snacks than to starve themselves between meals. However, it’s important to remember that not all snacks are created equal.

This is particularly good to know during the holiday season when the odds are that you’re having far more sweets as well as salty and fatty foods than you would throughout the rest of the year. The next time you’re feeling a bit puckish between meals, consider what you’d usually choose and then opt for something even better for you. Keep reading this post

Dec, 08, 2016 ,Thursday
stop winter weight gain fast

Tiny Changes to Stop Winter Weight Gain

With the winter on its way, it can feel as though there are extra pounds just waiting to climb back on to your middle again. Regardless of whether you’ve been maintaining or even losing over the last while, the cooling weather can make it feel as though you’re running out of time before you can stop winter weight gain.

But this isn’t inevitable. It is possible to keep the winter pounds off your body. Even better, it doesn’t mean that you need to overhaul your life or drink only green juice for the next four months to stop winter weight gain, either. You just need to know the right tricks to apply to your activity strategy to keep your weight completely under your own control. Keep reading this post