feeling awkward at Yoga Class

Feeling Awkward During Yoga Class? You’re Not Alone!

Stepping into a yoga class for the first time can feel daunting. It’s hard to know what you should expect from the experience, as it’s not like any other type of fitness class you’ll have taken in your life. Typically speaking, there is soft music playing, the lights are dim, and people just seem to know where they should roll out their mats. Keep reading this post

Diet and Exercise to lose weight

Diet and Exercise: Which Should Be Your Main Weight Loss Focus?

We all know that there are two primary components of losing weight: diet and exercise. At the most basic level, It has to do with calories going into the body and calories being burned by the body. Naturally, it is a great deal more complex than that, but that doesn’t change the fact that diet and exercise are the two things that any healthy and effective long term weight management program requires. Keep reading this post

workout is not working anymore

So Your Workout is Not Working? It May Be Overdue for a Change

There will always be days when you really don’t feel like taking on your usual workout, but when those start to occur more often than not, the odds are that you’ve found yourself in a rut. If you’re in a rut, then you’re likely not getting as much out of your workout as you could. You’re holding yourself back.

If you find that every part of your workout is not working, it’s just not doing it for you anymore and there are times when you’d rather face the dentist than complete one more segment of your routine, then it could be time for you to switch things up. Keep reading this post

Performance Enhancing drug

The Exercise Performance Enhancing Drug You Have in Your Kitchen

Many of us would love to be able to get more out of our workout routines in terms of fat burning, lean muscle maintenance and/or building, and even just the oomph to push ourselves just a little bit harder without feeling like we’re going to drop. However, most of us would also say that performance enhancing substances are out of the question. We’ve all heard about the nasty results that certain substances can have when athletes take them, and that’s not just a matter of having Olympic medals taken away or being suspended from a professional league. Keep reading this post

Bikini Body exercise

It’s Never Too Late to Exercise Your Way to a Bikini Body

The warm weather is here and suddenly the panic is starting to kick in because the bulky sweat shirts that hide the evidence of all of the heavy meals and rich desserts that were eaten all winter are being replaced by the need to wear shorts, tank tops, and the dreaded bathing suit! Fortunately, as long as you get started right away, it’s not too late to tone your body and build up your confidence for wearing a bikini this summer. Keep reading this post