Feb, 03, 2016 ,Wednesday
What Causes Winter Weight Gain

What Causes Winter Weight Gain to Happen?

The winter months are notorious for being a time in which people gain weight. While this isn’t fun at all – particularly when it comes time to try to lose it again when we can’t hide it under bulky sweaters anymore – it is something that is absolutely normal. But what causes winter weight gain? More importantly, what can be done? Keep reading this post

Jan, 19, 2016 ,Tuesday
Weight Loss Resolution help

Tweak Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution to Make it Work

Regardless of whether or not we’ve ever successfully achieved previous New Year’s weight loss resolution goals, for many of us there remains a powerful draw to try to change our lives for the better in some way. Weight loss is among the most common forms of New Year’s resolution but, more often than not, they will fail.

Does this mean that it is virtually impossible to achieve your dieting goals as your weight loss resolution for 2016 if you make them at the start of the year? Not at all! Keep reading this post

Jan, 07, 2016 ,Thursday
eating everything in moderation

Is Eating “Everything in Moderation” Making You Fat?

Among the messages we hear the most when it comes to trying to lose weight is that if we simply keep everything in moderation, it will help to keep with weight loss and to stop any lost pounds from coming back. As much as we’re ready to believe this type of rule, a new study has taken a deeper look into the truth of the matter, and it looks as though doing everything in moderation may not provide the balanced results we’d expect. Keep reading this post

Dec, 15, 2015 ,Tuesday
Bathroom Scale friend or foe

Is a Bathroom Scale a Friend or Enemy?

The first image that usually pops into a person’s head when thinking about the concept of weight loss is usually a bathroom scale. After all, most traditional diets require you to weigh yourself at least a couple of times, while the majority would have you do so once a week once a month or on some other regular schedule. However, is stepping on the scale really as good for the effort to lose weight as we would believe it to be? Keep reading this post

Dec, 01, 2015 ,Tuesday
Weight Loss Smoothie ingredients

The Best Ingredients for a Weight Loss Smoothie

If you think about weight loss, the odds are that the first things that come to mind aren’t necessarily rich and flavorful foods. This helps to explain why the weight loss smoothie has become such a popular choice among dieters. It combines nutrients and weight loss friendly ingredients, while still being creamy and tasty (when done right). Keep reading this post