Jul, 22, 2016 ,Friday
food journal benefits

What Your Food Journal is Trying to Tell You

Recording everything you eat in a food journal is a highly recommended behavior for people who are trying to lose weight or who are trying to adopt a more healthful lifestyle. However, while you may be focusing on the number of calories and carbs you’re taking in on a daily basis, this tracking effort could actually tell you a lot more about yourself than you realize. Keep reading this post

Jul, 07, 2016 ,Thursday
tricks to keep the weight off

The Top Tricks to Keep the Weight Off

It’s hard to keep the weight off. Having to stick to a diet stinks. What’s even worse than being on a diet is going on a diet a second, third or fourth time because the weight has come back on again. Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be this way.

The following are some of the top tricks that can help you to keep the weight off: Keep reading this post

Jun, 21, 2016 ,Tuesday
Challenges of Trying to Lose Over 50 Pounds

3 Tricks to Overcome Challenges from Trying to Lose Over 50 Pounds

When you are trying to lose over 50 pounds before you reach your weight loss goal, the truth of the matter is that you will face challenges that simply aren’t a problem for individuals who need to lose only a handful of pounds. Keep reading this post

Jun, 10, 2016 ,Friday
skip snacks at the office

Skip Diet-Busting Snacks at the Office With This Easy Trick

One of the best advantages to working in an office atmosphere is the free food that is so often available. From birthday cakes to donuts and from cupcakes to brownies, there’s always something being brought in for everyone to share. Keep reading this post

May, 25, 2016 ,Wednesday
Drinking Wine at Bedtime

Can You Lose Weight by Drinking 2 Glasses of Wine at Bedtime?

Wine at bedtime may be able to help you lose weight. If you’d rather relax and enjoy a glass of your favorite cabernet sauvignon than hit the gym, then you’re going to love the results of not one but two recent weight loss studies that have now been published. Keep reading this post