Nov, 12, 2015 ,Thursday
Weight Loss Tips that work

Amazing Weight Loss Tips Science Wants You to Follow

Weight loss tips are awesome for helping you to drop the pounds more quickly and to get an advantage that your main dieting strategy may not have offered you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re fun. Fortunately, science has actually proven that there are a lot of awesome ways that you can give yourself those extra benefits, too! Keep reading this post

Oct, 28, 2015 ,Wednesday
avoid winter weight gain

How Not to Let Winter Weight Gain Get You, This Year

For the majority of people who live in parts of the world where the weather gets cold in the winter, this time of year is synonymous with eating heavy foods (and lots of them), and staying inside because of the bitter cold and wind outside. Clearly, these types of activities are exactly the opposite of a weight loss diet and will, therefore, lead to winter weight gain among many people. Keep reading this post

Oct, 15, 2015 ,Thursday
Weight Loss Boosting meals

The Balance of a Weight Loss Boosting Meal

Many people find it challenging to take more than just one thing into consideration when they are trying to lose weight by selecting the right foods for weight loss boosting. For example, one diet may recommend that a dieter should remain within a certain calorie range every day, while another diet may say that carbs need to stay under a certain daily amount. Keep reading this post

Oct, 01, 2015 ,Thursday
feeling awkward at Yoga Class

Feeling Awkward During Yoga Class? You’re Not Alone!

Stepping into a yoga class for the first time can feel daunting. It’s hard to know what you should expect from the experience, as it’s not like any other type of fitness class you’ll have taken in your life. Typically speaking, there is soft music playing, the lights are dim, and people just seem to know where they should roll out their mats. Keep reading this post

Sep, 16, 2015 ,Wednesday
Facebook Ruining Your Diet

Tips to Stop Facebook from Ruining Your Diet

Regardless of whether you use Facebook a dozen times per day, or only once in a blue moon, when you’re trying to lose weight, it is very easy to want to post your progress and show everyone how well you’re doing. In fact, many people find that social media can help them to stay motivated, not only because they know they will need to post again, but the “likes” and other supportive feedback from Facebook friends can be quite rewarding. Keep reading this post