Apr, 20, 2015 ,Monday
reach your goal weight

4 Simple Tips for Reaching Your Goal Weight Faster

There is no cookie cutter program that will work for every single dieter. Anyone who tells you that they have the one and only plan that will make every person reach their goal weight is either wrong or is not telling the truth. We all lose weight differently and our lives involve a number of different unique combinations of factors that require each of us to have to find the type of dieting program that works for our own unique needs. Keep reading this post

Apr, 14, 2015 ,Tuesday
healthy eating habits

How to Build a New “Normal” for Healthy Eating

When dieting, many people want to be able to start healthy eating “normally”, but when they decide to get started, they realize that they don’t really know what that term means in terms of eating habits. The fact is that the term represents something different, depending on the individual who uses it. Keep reading this post

Apr, 07, 2015 ,Tuesday
fight Food Cravings

Fantastic Tips To Smash Your Food Cravings Fast

When you’re trying to lose weight, finding yourself face to face with a food craving for something that is not appropriate to your dieting efforts can be a genuine problem. Food cravings may sound simple, but they can be overwhelmingly powerful, to the point that all you can think about is that candy bar, bag of chips, or cupcake that you are longing to eat. Keep reading this post

Mar, 30, 2015 ,Monday
Mistakes Doing Push-Ups

You’re Likely Making These Mistakes When Doing Push-Ups

Push-ups are one of those classic forms of exercise that can be great for promoting physical strength and muscle stability. Most of us have at least attempted them in our lives, regardless of whether or not we’ve managed to successfully complete large numbers of them. Keep reading this post

Mar, 24, 2015 ,Tuesday
non-food Dieting Rewards

Dieting Rewards that Aren’t Food

Weight loss is challenging. Even the best program will involve effort, motivation, and times when all you want to do is give up. People who have lost the weight successfully will often tell you that one of the best ways to keep up your drive to reach your goals is to reward yourself when you meet smaller goals that you have set for yourself. Choosing non-food dieting rewards are best.
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