Oct, 01, 2015 ,Thursday
feeling awkward at Yoga Class

Feeling Awkward During Yoga Class? You’re Not Alone!

Stepping into a yoga class for the first time can feel daunting. It’s hard to know what you should expect from the experience, as it’s not like any other type of fitness class you’ll have taken in your life. Typically speaking, there is soft music playing, the lights are dim, and people just seem to know where they should roll out their mats. Keep reading this post

Sep, 16, 2015 ,Wednesday
Facebook Ruining Your Diet

Tips to Stop Facebook from Ruining Your Diet

Regardless of whether you use Facebook a dozen times per day, or only once in a blue moon, when you’re trying to lose weight, it is very easy to want to post your progress and show everyone how well you’re doing. In fact, many people find that social media can help them to stay motivated, not only because they know they will need to post again, but the “likes” and other supportive feedback from Facebook friends can be quite rewarding. Keep reading this post

Sep, 08, 2015 ,Tuesday
Low-Cal Lunches for dieters

Low-Cal Lunches: Making Your Lunchbox Fuller but Lighter

Whether you’re back to school as a student or need to take low-cal lunches to work with you every day, the choices that you make when you pack your meal can have a considerable impact on your ability to get thin and stay that way. If you want to achieve a healthy BMI and not watch the pounds climb back on again after you worked so hard to get them off, then the contents of your lunch bag are going to play an important role in that effort. Keep reading this post

Sep, 01, 2015 ,Tuesday
weight loss tips 60 plus

Amazing Weight Loss Tips for the Over 60 Crowd

Age can come with a tremendous advantage in life. There are drawbacks, certainly, but there are a very large number of benefits that we’d never want to give up. We’re more confident being ourselves. We have already discovered many things that don’t work for us so that we have fine tuned our lives to do what works best. Keep reading this post

Aug, 27, 2015 ,Thursday
Diet and Exercise to lose weight

Diet and Exercise: Which Should Be Your Main Weight Loss Focus?

We all know that there are two primary components of losing weight: diet and exercise. At the most basic level, It has to do with calories going into the body and calories being burned by the body. Naturally, it is a great deal more complex than that, but that doesn’t change the fact that diet and exercise are the two things that any healthy and effective long term weight management program requires. Keep reading this post