Oct, 23, 2016 ,Sunday
change your thinking to lose weight every day

How to Change Your Thinking to Lose Weight: Shift Focus Daily

It helps to change your thinking to lose weight. Many people struggle to be able to lose weight because of the challenge and yet monotony of trying to keep up with so many changes to their lifestyles. After all, if you want to shed the pounds, it means you need to change the things that you were doing that put them there in the first place. This usually means that you will need to focus on eating differently and exercising more frequently or more efficiently.

This may sound obvious and straight forward, but when you try to put that kind of strategy into place, it can be rather difficult. The ability to change your thinking to lose weight can be easier said than done. At times, it can feel nearly impossible. Keep reading this post

Sep, 29, 2016 ,Thursday
weight loss hacks that work

Rethink Your Diet Strategy with Weight Loss Hacks that Work

Dieting is hard. At least, it is if you do it in most of the traditional ways without the help of some awesome weight loss hacks that can make all the difference. Yes, you do need to eat right and live an active lifestyle appropriate to your fitness level. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give your results a boost with the right strategies, tips and tricks. Keep reading this post

Sep, 15, 2016 ,Thursday
freshen up stinky athletic shoes

How to Freshen Up Stinky Athletic Shoes, Plus Preventative Tips!

When you’re already working hard to try to keep up your motivation to exercise, having to face stinky athletic shoes really doesn’t help. However, it can feel impossible to keep your workout shoes from getting eye-wateringly smelly. After all, you’re wearing these stinky athletic shoes at a time when you’re likely at your sweatiest. Keep reading this post

Sep, 06, 2016 ,Tuesday
Make Weight Loss Stick

Top Tips to Make Weight Loss Stick

Losing weight isn’t anybody’s idea of a really great time, but what’s even worse is having to lose it for a second time after the pounds have climbed back on. If you want to make sure to make weight loss stick you have to work on those extra pounds of fat, then make sure you know the right tips to stop them from ever returning. Keep reading this post

Aug, 17, 2016 ,Wednesday
Foods that may be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

These Common Foods are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

The majority of people look to their fridges for their most healthful foods. It’s easy to think that they are the places that contain the foods incapable of sabotaging your weight loss. They’re the whole foods and those that are least likely to be processed.

After all, when you think of your fridge, you’re likely thinking about vegetables, fruit, milk, yogurt and other similar items. That said, if you really look around, a lot of the foods you’ve jammed into that nice cool fridge are not nearly as healthful as you might think. Keep reading this post